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Australian Natural Bodz - - Paul Gibney -

2016 Aus­tralian Nat­u­ral Bodz Ve­gas Team to rep­re­sent not only Aus­tralia but a gen­er­a­tion oof Body­builders which are be­come fewer in this age group.

The Bris­bane based Psy­chother­a­pist say the in­ten­sive work­outs he does keeps him in ter­rific nick. “I train av­er­age 5 days a week. A typ­i­cal split would be Day 1:thighs, calves and shoul­ders; Day 2: back, bi­ceps and fore­arms, and Day 3: chest, tri­ceps and abs. And I just keep rolling through that 3 way split. I usu­ally do a cou­ple of heav­ier move­ments with reps 6-8, and then some iso­la­tion work with reps 10-15. Pe­ri­odiza­tion plays an im­por­tant part in my train­ing. I do 2-3 weeks with higher sets, lower reps and heav­ier weights, and then do 2-3 weeks of lower sets, higher reps and weights with which I can ef­fec­tively com­plete 10-15 reps. At var­i­ous times, I will em­pha­sise 1-2 spe­cific in­ten­sity tech­niques. I think good, de­lib­er­ate form on ex­er­cises leads to bet­ter de­vel­op­ment and less in­juries over time.”

How­ever, Paul knew his train­ing would be cru­cial lead­ing up to rep­re­sent­ing Aus­tralia at the Mus­cle­ma­nia World Cham­pi­onships in Las Ve­gas. Paul says “I only had to rely on my­self- my progress de­pended solely on my ca­pac­ity to work. I also made sure to train mi­nor mus­cle groups and cer­tain as­pects of my physique hard such as rear delts, in­ter­costals, soleus, me­dial tri­ceps head, brachialis, teres ma­jor, fore­arms etc. That at­ten­tion to de­tail adds up and demon­strates qual­ity.

Paul also fol­lows a low carb ke­to­genic diet and in­cor­po­rated In­ter­mit­tent Fast­ing which he says is in­cred­i­bly help­ful when he de­cides to com­pete. In 2013,Paul went from “105 kgs (fat as) to 85 kgs us­ing it (8/16). It was ef­fort­less.” He finds that track­ing his calo­ries, pro­tein, carbs and fats on an app to be in­valu­able for keep­ing him on track “It just pro­vides such help­ful feed­back so promptly – it makes a big dif­fer­ence”. “I al­ways use a lot of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, and Red Krill Oil. I al­ways take BCAAs and Crea­tine be­fore train­ing and BCAAs dur­ing train­ing. I am not a fan of “fat burn­ers”: I think re­duc­ing your calo­ries works bet­ter than in­duc­ing heart pal­pi­ta­tions.”

We asked Paul what he feels are the main rea­sons why peo­ple strug­gle to see gains from their ef­forts in the gym th­ese days? “A lack of con­sis­tency in train­ing and nu­tri­tion, a fail­ure to “nail down” a solid foun­da­tion of strength and physique, and an over-re­liance on ma­chines. I see lots of young guys at the gyms I train at, who take an­abolic drugs within a year of start­ing to train. They don’t train prop­erly nor have any idea about nu­tri­tion. I don’t think drugs are help­ful at any time but that is a to­tal in­san­ity.

Apart from that sloppy form, us­ing weights that are too

heavy, only train­ing body­parts once a week and not un­der­stand­ing macro nu­tri­tion th­ese things are what pre­vent peo­ple from get­ting the re­sults they truly de­serve.” 2016 was a great year for Paul, mak­ing his Nat­u­ral Bodz Pro League debt an plac­ing 3rd then to be se­lected to be part of the Nat­u­ral Bodz Ve­gas Team, Paul then went on to win the 2016 Mus­cle­ma­nia Aus­tralia Grand Masters and this then be­ing be­ing topped off with tak­ing a top plac­ing in the Mus­cle­ma­nia Worlds in Ve­gas.

Sev­eral coun­tries were rep­re­sented at Mus­cle­ma­nia World Cham­pi­ons and Paul held his own in the Masters Di­vi­sion which saw other men 10-15 years younger he. De­spite this Paul earned him­self a very re­spectable 4th Place in the line up . The Mus­cle­ma­nia World Cham­pi­onships in­creased the age group of the Masters Body­build­ing to 45 years and there­fore saw Paul move into this di­vi­sion as the Grand Masters was not run this par­tic­u­lar year though pro­vided a new Masters chal­lenge for Paul.

Paul says that the com­pe­ti­tion was a sat­is­fy­ing ex­pe­ri­ence and that the trip was “cer­tainly one of the best ex­pe­ri­ences I have ever had in body­build­ing (in 46 years of this crazi­ness!). Se­ri­ously, it was won­der­ful fun on a num­ber of lev­els. It is great to com­pete in an­other coun­try with all the chal­lenges that presents. Be­ing a part of the Aus­tralian Nat­u­ral Bodz Team was the real high­light though. The com­pany was fab­u­lous, I learnt a lot from every­body es­pe­cially some fan­tas­tic ad­vice from Mus­cle­ma­nia Pro Mar­i­nus Van-Stolk who was on the team, but most of all the mu­tual sup­port from every­one on the team was a real plea­sure to ex­pe­ri­ence. There were of course some very funny mo­ments that only the team could re­late to, as well as some very in­spi­ra­tional mo­ments amongst the group. Whilst in Las Ve­gas and in his best shape yet, Paul took the op­por­tu­nity to do a Photo shoot with renowned fash­ion and fit­ness Pho­tog­ra­pher GW Burns at the salt lakes of Las Ve­gas. “It was a real hoot and GW was great to work with.” Paul says.

As for Pauls fu­ture plans as we know that this man has many more years to come in fact maybe an­other 5 decades to con­quer, we asked Paul what his goals are for the next 12 months and whether there are any ti­tles he has in his sights? “I will com­pete in the Aus­tralian Nat­u­ral Bodz Asia Pa­cific In­ter­na­tional and the Mus­cle­ma­nia Aus­tralia again this year, be­cause of the qual­ity of the shows and pro­duc­tion, be­cause of the way ath­letes are looked af­ter, be­cause of the at­ten­tion to de­tail and the gen­uine com­mit­ment to drug-free body­build­ing and drug-test­ing that th­ese shows. At 58, I am in the more chal­leng­ing end of the over 50 bracket. But the goal and aim is to get bet­ter each year, im­prove some weak­nesses and get my con­di­tion­ing sharper. If I im­prove and com­pete, I find that very mo­ti­vat­ing and re­ward­ing.”

We are pleased to hear Paul’s in­ten­tions to con­tinue sup­port­ing and par­tic­i­pa­tion in this sport and know that he owes much to his lov­ing wife Fiona for “her sup­port and kind­ness are in­valu­able to me, and my daugh­ters for their re­lent­less in­ter­est in my pur­suits, and for all of the things that I have learnt from them.”

Fit­ness has no age bound­aries my friends and as Pauls favourite quote From the leg­endary UCLA bas­ket­ball coach John Wooden: “Suc­cess is never fi­nal, fail­ure is never fa­tal. It’s courage that counts”.

Pho­tog­ra­phy by Nat­u­ral Bodz

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