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Iwant to start by con­grat­u­lat­ing you on a very suc­cess­ful 2016 in the com­pet­i­tive Bikini Cir­cuit. How did it feel to not only take out your Class in the Bikini Aus­tralia but to also go on to Win Over­all Bikini Amer­ica and earn Pro Sta­tus?

Thank you! Hon­estly, I was su­per sur­prised both times, be­ing so new to the world of fit­ness shows and com­pe­ti­tions, I had no idea what to ex­pect! I knew I was just aim­ing to give it my all and show­case my hard work, and noth­ing felt more in­cred­i­ble than the feel­ing of all your hard work pay­ing off!

You were born in the USA, but Aus­tralia has be­come your sec­ond home. What has your ex­pe­ri­ence been like so far liv­ing down un­der?

I ab­so­lutely love Aus­tralia! Ever since I made the dar­ing move about a year and nine months ago, my life has changed ten fold. I knew when I moved here, I was go­ing to try new things, face my fears, and con­stantly test my com­fort zones. It wasn’t un­til I pur­sued my pas­sion for fit­ness that I started smash­ing goals left and right. Last year was hands down the best year of my en­tire life and I am be­yond thank­ful for every­one who I have met along the way. I’m not sure if there is some­thing in the wa­ter here, but every­one I have be­came friends with, has made a mas­sive and pos­i­tive im­pact on my life. I love the cul­ture, weather, life­style and op­por­tu­ni­ties. Its great!

Who or what in­spired you to hit the gym and then go on to com­pete in your first Bikini show?

It was a mon­u­men­tal chat that ac­tu­ally took place at my gym, with my per­sonal trainer Karin, who I ap­proached whilst she was work­ing out on a bike. I told her I have been look­ing at the musclemania poster that was dis­played on the gym bul­letin board nearly every time I was there, and that I wanted to learn more about it and asked for her opin­ion. She was su­per ex­cited, and that chat went on for a good hour.

She gave me the rec­om­men­da­tion for my coach Josh, along with ev­ery­thing else bikini comp re­lated and I couldn’t thank her enough for it! If it wasn’t for that chat, I def­i­nitely wouldn’t have pur­sued com­pet­ing. I al­most didn’t even go to my first ini­tial meet­ing with my coach be­cause I was too ner­vous! How­ever, I faced my fears, met my coach, got fired up and then started

learn­ing the ins and outs of all things bikini. I al­ready went to the gym a fair bit be­fore hand, but as soon as I had a solid goal, I went at it full force to the point every­one at my gym no­ticed and thought I was nuts!

It ap­pears by some of your FB and In­sta posts that you have ei­ther a dance or gym­nas­tics back­ground can you share that with our read­ers and do you be­lieve this has helped with your over­all jour­ney into the gym world and com­pet­ing?

I was ac­tu­ally apart of the com­pet­i­tive cheer­lead­ing scene for 10 years, where i com­peted at the high­est level and even went to the cheer­lead­ing worlds in 2011! Cheer­lead­ing is a huge deal in the states, and its full on. Be­cause i did it for so long, out of mus­cle mem­ory im still able to flip around at will, and i was used to be­ing in the gym a lot lift­ing peo­ple, as well as in the gym lift­ing weights. I guess this is a huge rea­son why i dont have stage fright as well. I ac­tu­ally love be­ing on stage and thrive from it! I was al­ways used to hun­dreds of peo­ple watch­ing, so be­ing on stage came nat­u­rally. I would say this part of my life is a huge rea­son for my suc­cess so far.

How many days a week did you train lead­ing up to your wins at the Musclemania Bikini Aus­tralia and the Fit­ness Amer­ica Week­end in Las Ve­gas?

I have al­ways be­lieved that the world’s best ath­letes put forth the most ef­fort and en­ergy in their sports than any­one else, which in re­turned made them the world’s best. I ap­plied this to my­self, and I was at the gym 6 days a week, twice a day, for about 3 hours to­tal. Even though that sounds ex­treme, I knew if I wanted to win I needed to be work­ing harder than every­one else. I trained like I was al­ready in sec­ond place go­ing for first. It worked!

You al­ways seem to have a great en­ergy and zest for life about you. How im­por­tant do you feel hav­ing a pos­i­tive out­look is lead­ing into an event?

It is be­yond im­por­tant! I prac­tice per­sonal devel­op­ment ev­ery­day, and I be­lieve my thought process is an­other main rea­son I was able to be suc­cess­ful. There were times dur­ing prep i felt ex­tra low, lonely, tired, and want to give up, but

I knew that as long as I kept think­ing pos­i­tive, ev­ery­thing will pull through. My big­gest rule is to never com­pare yourself to any­one else. Ever! Fit­ness com­pe­ti­tions are tough be­cause every­one looks good, worked hard, and have amaz­ing physiques. No mat­ter the cir­cum­stance, I never fo­cus on any­one else be­cause im there to show off my hard work. Its funny be­cause i had no idea what the girls looked like i was up against un­til well after the com­pe­ti­tion pho­tos came out. I al­ways smile and go over daily af­fir­ma­tions to keep me happy and feel­ing good

Your over­all stage pres­ence is su­perb, do you have any tips for as­pir­ing Bikini and Fit­ness Mod­els look­ing to com­pete for the first time?

OWN IT. Think Bey­once. After all those hours of stren­u­ous work, you only get about a minute to show it off, so why wouldn’t you step out on that stage like you own the place?! I told my­self in my head that every­one was there to see me, I vi­su­al­ized my­self as some­one with great con­fi­dence and mak­ing an un­for­get­table pres­ence so that’s what I did. After all, you want to shine and be dif­fer­ent!

What’s your take on diet, do you count calo­ries or go more by macros or have any tips you can share that have helped you stay on track?

Diet is the most im­por­tant thing. Be­cause I prepped for a very short amount of time ( 5 weeks for the first comp and 7 for my sec­ond comp ) my diet was very strict. Luck­ily I was able to com­pletely al­ter my diet to bring me in as fast as pos­si­ble. It was def­i­nitely a hard men­tal game when it came to por­tions, and eat­ing the same thing ev­ery­day, but I did it!

My coach wrote out my plan and had the macros and calo­ries counted, how­ever I per­son­ally didn’t count macros. I also didn’t cut my­self off of things I love ( aka any­thing sugar ) so as bad as it sounds, my night­stand next to my bed is ac­tu­ally a snack cab­i­net filled to the brim with candy and snacks. Any time I was feel­ing like I was about to go psy­cho, I would eat a small treat. I’m talk­ing a mini lol­lipop or a piece of a kit kat to keep me sane. I didn’t have full cheat meals or day ei­ther just lit­tle fixes here and there when I ab­so­lutely needed it. Willpower is ev­ery­thing.

How did you find the whole Las Ve­gas Team ex­pe­ri­ence and trav­el­ling with like minded ath­letes?

It was an un­for­get­table ex­pe­ri­ence! Al­though every­one was peak­ing and in zom­bie mode at the very be­gin­ning of the trip, every­one was su­per sup­port­ive of each other which went a long way. I think go­ing to ve­gas would have been a lot more dif­fi­cult with­out the sup­port from like minded ath­letes all in the same boat as you. It was so much fun meet­ing every­one who came from all dif­fer­ent parts of Aus­tralia and I must ad­mit I felt pretty BA be­ing Amer­i­can on the Aus­tralian team as well

Di­et­ing into a show can be tough, what do you feel are the 3 big­gest mis­takes made by ath­letes when it comes to diet?

Every­one is dif­fer­ent but I would have to say 1. I do no­tice a lot of ath­letes binge­ing post comp which i have seen de­stroy fig­ures and me­tab­o­lisms. I knew this be­fore­hand, and made sure i watched my in­take. 2. Al­co­hol will wreck your physique, i know this be­cause I’ve ex­pe­ri­enced it, and it doesn’t mat­ter how hard you work­out, if you drink it will delete all your progress. 3. If you are go­ing to have a cheat meal make sure you are mind­ful. For ex­am­ple: a slice or two of pizza is fine, a whole pizza is not.

Do you im­ple­ment car­dio into your train­ing pro­gram if so what works best for you?

Yes, I was do­ing car­dio ev­ery­day. I do not be­lieve in fasted car­dio as i feel its not a good idea to work­out on an empty stom­ach or even sup­ply the en­ergy to ac­tu­ally have a good work­out so I don’t do it. I don’t run on the tread­mill or use an el­lip­ti­cal. I ab­so­lutely love F45 for HIIT be­cause not only is it fun, dif­fer­ent, and you burn more calo­ries, but you ac­tu­ally use your en­tire body and rev your me­tab­o­lism up more so than stan­dard bor­ing car­dio

Every­one that gets into this game wants to im­prove, what ar­eas do you feel you need to work on to bring your A game to your next show?

Easy ques­tion! This time around iIm fo­cus­ing on build­ing my arms a bit more and build­ing a rounder booty. Even though I al­ready won a world ti­tle with my physique, tak­ing it to the next level at Ms. Bikini Uni­verse means train­ing like the best in the uni­verse. Even 6 months out and I still see my PT twice a week every week to work on these ar­eas.

If you could only do three ex­er­cises in or­der of im­por­tance what would they be and why?

1. Burpees - they work your whole body, get your heart rate up, and they can be mixed up which­ever way you want to make them eas­ier or harder. 2. Jump rope - great way to get your heart rate up and also work your legs and arms 3. Squats - strong legs are ev­ery­thing!

How im­por­tant is it to have a good fam­ily and friend sup­port base when pre­par­ing, or com­pet­ing in an event?

Very im­por­tant, like I said be­fore, sup­port is ev­ery­thing. Even though I live across the world, thanks to all forms of so­cial me­dia, it is be­yond easy to stay con­nected with your friends and fam­ily. I was post­ing my progress and work­outs con­stantly and I am grate­ful that I got so much pos­i­tive feed­back and sup­port from every­one. This also gave me more con­fi­dence when it came time to com­pete as well.

How do your friends and fam­ily feel about the whole com­pet­i­tive Bikini and Fit­ness Scene?

At first no one re­ally knew what i was get­ting into as i am the only one in my close knit of friends and even fam­ily to ever com­pete like this. After, i posted ev­ery­thing from my first com­pe­ti­tion so more peo­ple were on board. i made sure i videoed my jour­ney to cap­ture ex­actly what i was do­ing

How do you feel about the whole off sea­son, on sea­son men­tal­ity?

It all de­pends on the per­son. I knew how much time and en­ergy I put into get­ting into the best shape of my life, so af­ter­wards I wasn’t go­ing to take it too far and take too long off to ruin what I achieved. Right after I got home to aus­tralia, I jet set­ted over to Bali for a month to chill out. I put on some weight there nat­u­rally, but I de­served it after 3 hard core months of school/train­ing/prep. Off sea­son I am en­joy­ing my­self, trav­el­ing a lot, train­ing a lit­tle bit less, but still train­ing hard so I can go out on the week­end or go to taco tues­day if I want with­out feel­ing guilty.

Do you pre­fer to stay close to comp shape year round?

Yes be­cause I don’t want to have to push my­self as hard as I did be­fore, and I don’t mind look­ing great all the time ei­ther! Cur­rently I’m just a kilo off from my last stage weight, which I think is pretty good. I’m fo­cus­ing on mus­cle devel­op­ment, and I know when it comes time to shred down, it wont take long since i’ve been main­tain­ing weight.

If you were to place a per­cent­age on weights vs car­dio when de­sign­ing a rou­tine what would be the ideal break­down?

Weights over car­dio any day. I was shocked at the dif­fer­ence when I fo­cused more on weights. My whole body

changed shape! 80% weights 20% car­dio de­pend­ing on how much you need to lean down I would ad­just the amount of car­dio

Do you be­lieve in cheat days while di­et­ing and if so why?And where do you draw the line?

I per­son­ally didn’t have set cheat days and had a day where I looked for­ward to hav­ing a lit­tle splurge. Only be­cause in my head I was think­ing It was ex­tra en­ergy and ef­fort to work off, so I avoided it since I al­ready worked my butt off! How­ever, I did have break­ing points, one time In par­tic­u­lar I came home from the gym about to cook basa for a meal prep and just started hys­ter­i­cally cry­ing! It was times like that when I thought al­right lets go to siz­zlers and I would have a lit­tle cheat.

While on the topic of diet what does a typ­i­cal days eat­ing look like for you? How many meals foods types etc?

Dur­ing prep it was very strict, I’m talk­ing same thing break­fast/Lunch/snacks/din­ner every sin­gle day. Chicken but mainly fish, aside from pro­tein shakes were my main sources of pro­tein.

Off sea­son how­ever I’m what I think very le­nient with my eat­ing. I still get only healthy options when I’m out to eat with my friends, at the same time, I go to mcdon­alds when I want for some chicken nuggets. But it’s very rare to see me eat­ing pizza/pasta/ice cream/burg­ers etc. these I keep for very spe­cial oc­ca­sions so I ap­pre­ci­ate them more

Does your diet change much as you get closer to a com­pe­ti­tion, and if so what changes do you in­tro­duce?

One month out I eat my eggs for break­fast with my oats, but the rest of the day along with what­ever veg­gies, my main pro­tein source is strictly basa fish. Say­ing basa or even look­ing at it now makes me sick! (Haha) it sucks, but I know what works and chang­ing my diet a month out I was able to see changes faster

What do you con­sider the per­fect break­down for Pro­tein/Carbs/Fats? What works best for you?

My coach broke ev­ery­thing down into charts. I per­son­ally like a higher pro­tein diet. What works best for me is con­sis­tency. I don’t re­ally need to change or switch any­thing up, I like rou­tine and I didn’t mind eat­ing the same thing every day

A win­ning mind set is vi­tal for suc­cess, what’s your mantra for hap­pi­ness and suc­cess, and your favourite quote?

Work on yourself for yourself. But most im­por­tantly lo ve yourself! It took me a long time to have the mind­set I do and out­look I have on life now. 2 years ago I hit an all time low where I sadly at­tempted to take my own life.

I’m happy that I had an in­ter­ven­tion then, and now I look at ev­ery­thing dif­fer­ently! I work on per­sonal devel­op­ment, go to work­shops, and read all the time. The more you know the more you grow, so I am con­stantly work­ing at my­self! Now I’m hap­pier than ever, but to have a win­ning mind­set you must first love yourself be­cause then you’ll have the con­fi­dence to be­lieve in yourself, and I be­lieve be­lief is ev­ery­thing. To be the best you have to be­lieve and think you are the best right?. “Thoughts turn into feel­ings and feel­ings turn into ac­tions and ac­tions get you re­sults”. I guess I’m liv­ing proof of this! Suc­cess is dif­fer­ent for every­one, what’s your def­i­ni­tion of suc­cess? Hap­pi­ness. It is rare peo­ple find and pur­sue what they are 100% pas­sion­ate about and turn that into some­thing big­ger. Some­times it’s be­cause of com­fort zones or again, not hav­ing the be­lief you can be who they want to be, do what you want, go where you want, and how you want! True hap­pi­ness is suc­cess, be­cause it means you are do­ing things that make you feel good. to­day we live in a world where peo­ple are still hav­ing a hard time break­ing out of their shells. I found the more I fol­low what makes me the hap­pi­est, the more op­por­tu­ni­ties come knock­ing at my door. Since I’ve started go­ing after what I want, I have felt like I have had the whole world at my hands. That’s suc­cess right there, wouldn’t you say?! I can see you are pretty ac­tive on so­cial me­dia, how im­por­tant do you feel it is to main­tain a bal­ance be­tween the vir­tual world and the real world? I am a very so­cial per­son. I love meet­ing peo­ple and I be­lieve it’s im­por­tant to keep a bal­ance. How­ever, since half of my friends and fam­ily live on the other side of the world and a quar­ter of them are scat­tered around the world in other coun­tries, the best way I keep in touch is through the In­ter­net. I don’t see any­thing wrong with that all! I think it’s bril­liant that I am able to FaceTime some­one in Ire­land or back in the states, what­ever the case may be. It’s im­pos­si­ble to lose touch these days. Sure there’s a lot of opin­ions on peo­ple glued to their phones but who knows they may be con­nect­ing with some­one 13,000 miles away in my case and that’s pretty cool! It’s the fi­nal two weeks be­fore your next big Bikini Model Event, what would your diet look like? Any se­crets you can share? I am ex­cited to be able to com­pete this year in pro league, so I’m go­ing to as­sume what­ever I did last time 2 weeks out ( which is push my­self the hard­est) will be dou­ble the ef­fort this time. I’m go­ing to be push­ing my­self twice as hard and my hard was al­ready psy­cho hard to be­gin with! I won’t be eat­ing basa again ( lol ) but in­stead chicken and in­cor­po­rat­ing more carbs. I like ex­per­i­ment­ing so it will be in­ter­est­ing what the out­come will be when I do make the changes. If I had a se­cret to share is to prac­tice vi­su­al­iza­tion. Prac­tice see­ing yourself on stage from the sec­ond you walk up, to the poses ( that’s an­other thing, I prac­ticed pos­ing here and there but it wasn’t un­til the night be­fore that I went to bed vi­su­al­iz­ing ex­actly what poses I wanted to do, and then nat­u­rally I pulled them on stage. Seems risky, but it works be­cause it saves you from over­think­ing and stress­ing over a pose you prac­ticed for months ). I would vi­su­al­ize every de­tail from how I looked, to win­ning a tro­phy, to how I was go­ing to re­act. When I watched back

at the videos, Its still pretty crazy to say that ex­actly what I did on stage was ex­actly what I vi­su­al­ized in my head 5000 times be­fore. It was ver­ba­tum. I vi­su­al­ized what I wanted and In re­turn like I said be­fore, my thoughts turned right into ac­tions on stage. Felt like magic! When your comp diet is over what’s your favourite meal? CHEESE­BURGER Who has had the most im­pact on your life? How? My best friend amanda. I met her my fresh­man year of col­lege in a sports and recre­ation sci­ence class. We be­came friends after we were part­nered up for a game where I ended up jump­ing on her and we both fell over! Since then, she has been my back bone for 6 years. She has been there through my break­downs, down­falls, messes, highs, lows, life de­ci­sions ( like spon­ta­neously mov­ing to Aus­tralia with no plan ) ev­ery­thing! Not to men­tion we travel the world to­gether now. Shes from New Jer­sey, and when I made the big move over to Aus­tralia, we FaceTimed every day ( once in the morn­ing and once at night) . She vis­ited me here 2 years ago for Christ­mas, ( which is a huge deal since she is a mas­sive fam­ily per­son ) how amaz­ing of a friend is that? Not to brag, but she also met me in Fiji for my birth­day, flew to Ve­gas to sup­port me in my com­pe­ti­tion, met me in Bali 3 weeks later for New Years, and NOW SHE MOVED HERE TO LIVE WITH ME! Sorry I can’t hold back my ex­cite­ment be­cause she is truly one of a kind and I am so blessed to have a best friend who has done more than I feel like I could ever de­serve. She is “my per­son” What are your goals over the next 12 months in re­spect to com­pe­ti­tions and your ca­reer in gen­eral? I’m very en­tre­pre­neur­ial , so I am busy cre­at­ing a brand around my­self as a bikini model, in­flu­encer, and also as a health and well­ness coach. I like writ­ing, and I plan on start­ing my first book. In re­spect to com­pet­ing, I have two com­pe­ti­tions in June that I’m putting most of my fo­cus on. After that, I plan on tak­ing a short break and trav­el­ing Europe with my close friends, I’ll head back to Ve­gas for a busi­ness event in August, and then I’ll be­gin prep­ping to start the next sea­son in the fit­ness cat­e­gory. Hope­fully I will gain the op­por­tu­nity to be apart of the Aus­tralian nat­u­ral bodz team for the sec­ond time, where I’d go to Ve­gas again in Novem­ber! As far as Christ­mas and New Years I have hon­estly no idea where I’ll be in the world since I tend to al­ways top my­self! I love liv­ing, so­cial­iz­ing, learn­ing, grow­ing, and I don’t re­ally chill ever. I plan on this be­ing my big­gest year yet and a mas­sive start­ing point for a lot of break­throughs What do you do to re­lax in be­tween all of this? I don’t re­ally lmao! I travel a lot, even when I’m trav­el­ing I find a way to be ac­tive. I re­lax by mostly read­ing in my spare time. Can you share your Web­site, or So­cial Me­dia pages for fan that wish to fol­low your jour­ney? In­sta­gram: @cameron­bi­afore Face­book: https://www.face­­afore Email: cameron­bi­afor­e­fit­ Twit­ter: @ohnanathel­lama ( don’t ask ha­haha ) Edi­tors note: Con­grat­u­la­tions on your suc­cess last year no doubt there will be many more suc­cesses and op­por­tu­ni­ties to fol­low. Thanks for shar­ing your jour­ney with our read­ers and I wish you on­go­ing suc­cess in all your per­sonal en­deav­ors.

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