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If you do strength train­ing with heavy weights, you build up more mus­cle than if you work out with mod­er­ate weights. But if you stop do­ing weight train­ing, your body breaks down the mus­cle you built up with heavy weights more quickly. Sports sci­en­tists at Dem­ocri­tus Univer­sity of Thrace in Greece dis­cov­ered this when they did ex­per­i­ments with twenty el­derly peo­ple with an av­er­age age of 65. Age­ing and mus­cle de­cline go hand in hand. Weight train­ing helps, but el­derly peo­ple are more of­ten ill than young peo­ple, and there­fore train less than younger peo­ple. So older peo­ple do well with a train­ing sched­ule that means as lit­tle de­cline as pos­si­ble dur­ing pe­ri­ods when they are un­able to train. The re­searchers were cu­ri­ous as to whether the num­ber of reps makes a dif­fer­ence. Ten el­derly sub­jects tr ained for twelv e weeks at 80 per­cent of their 1RM [HI]. An­other ten trained dur­ing the same pe­riod at 60 per­cent of their 1RM [MI]. Imag­ine that on the bench press you can man­age just one rep at one hun­dred kilo­grams. That’s your 1RM. Eighty per­cent of that is eighty kilo­grams; sixty per­cent is sixty kilo­grams, and so on. After the train­ing pe­riod the sub­jects then did noth­ing for twelve weeks. In tech­ni­cal terms, sports sci­en­tists call this de­train­ing. Then the re­searchers looked at the amount of mus­cle strength and mus­cle mass the test sub­jects man­aged to re­tain. The re­sults showed that the HI group showed more progress dur­ing the train­ing pe­riod, but that they lost more strength dur­ing the de­train­ing pe­riod. Mus­cles built up from higher reps last longer when train­ing stops! What can we learn from this study? If you want to hold onto more mus­cle mass you are bet­ter train­ing in ac­cor­dance to your goals with stan­dard rep ranges and not fo­cus­ing on 1RM. Also main­tain­ing joint in­tegrity should be im­por­tant es­pe­cially as we reach mid life. We not only want to look great but also have 100% mo­bil­ity!

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