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Adding nuts and seeds to your diet will slow down the speed at which you age. Amer­i­can re­searcher Larry Tucker dis­cov­ered this dur­ing an epi­demi­o­log­i­cal study in­volv­ing 5582 adults. The more nuts you eat each day, the longer the telom­eres in your DNA - an in­di­ca­tion that your molec­u­lar clock is tick­ing more slowly. Study A cou­ple of days ago we wrote about an­other re­cent pub­li­ca­tion of Tucker’s. That one was about the ef­fect of drink­ing cof­fee on telom­ere length. In both that study and the one you’re read­ing about now Tucker used data that was gath­ered for the NHANES project. This in­volved 5582 adults, for whom Tucker was able to ob­tain in­for­ma­tion on their telom­ere length and their con­sump­tion of nuts and seeds. Re­sults The more nuts and seeds that the par­tic­i­pants con­sumed, the longer their telom­ere length. The re­gres­sion co­ef­fi­cient (1) was 8.5. That means that for every 10 g nuts and seeds that the par­tic­i­pants ate their telom­eres were 8.5 base pairs longer. A hand­ful of nuts weighs about 30 g. So for every hand­ful of nuts that a group of peo­ple eat daily, their telom­ere length will be 25.5 base pairs longer. Tucker found that the most im­por­tant pre­dic­tor of telom­ere length was - pre­dictably - age. For every year older that the par­tic­i­pants were their av­er­age telom­ere length was 15.4 base pairs shorter. That’s the telom­ere length that there­fore rep­re­sents one year of life in your bi­o­log­i­cal clock. That means that a group of peo­ple who eat a hand­ful of nuts and seeds every day will live 1.7 years longer than peo­ple who do not do this. Ref: J Nutr Health Ag­ing. 2017;21(3):233-40.

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