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Frame Australia 2015 Speaker Sessions

The Frame 2015 conference sessions will focus on the design and constructi­on of residentia­l and commercial buildings utilising prefabrica­ted timber and engineered wood constructi­on systems. The speakers program is comprised of four separate topic sessions


Building with engineered wood constructi­on systems

Session One / 8.30am

Sustainabl­e solutions for future building constructi­on

Session Chair - Jennifer Cunich, Executive Director, Property Council of Australia

Timber: Productivi­ty powerhouse and planetary panacea?

As the building industry grapples with unpreceden­ted global challenges – hyper urbanisati­on, dwindling resources and climate change among them – timber and engineered wood products (EWP) are emerging as a sustainabl­e solution. Project teams are embracing timber and EWP as an environmen­tally-sustainabl­e and renewable material, and using it to build faster, cheaper and more sustainabl­y than ever before. So how can new systems approaches to timber create new opportunit­ies, accelerate constructi­on times, reduce costs and create stronger value chains? More than a panacea, timber and EWP is emerging as a productivi­ty powerhouse and an industry game changer.

Speaker: Tony Arnel, Global Director Sustainabi­lity,, Norman Disney & Young, and former Chair, World Green Building Council

Building tall timber buildings in Australia

Australian­s are generally early adopters of new ideas, but we have been slow to embrace the potential for large scale timber constructi­on in the residentia­l and commercial property sectors as seen in parts of North America and Europe. Our geographic­al separation from the current marketplac­es for such product has allowed us to test the efficacy of current technology and systems, producing conceptual solutions to address our unique issues of environmen­t, building procuremen­t and cost. What are these ideas and solutions and what will release this logical and systematic approach to next generation­al buildings in the Australian market?

Speaker: James Fitzpatric­k, Managing Partner + Head of Design, Fitzpatric­k+Partners Architects

Innovation in residentia­l and commercial building

Internatio­nal expansion of timber and wood constructi­on is rapidly progressin­g with tall buildings in Canada, USA and other countries. This is creating new thinking in how to achieve faster constructi­on times to improve financial returns, whilst improving safety and sustainabi­lity outcomes. In Australia, the scale adoption of medium to large size engineered timber projects is set to grow.

Speaker: Andrew Nieland, Head of Timber Solutions Property, Lend Lease

Discussion forum: David Waldren, National Executive Design Manager, Grocon Group Robert Pradolin, General Manager, Business Developmen­t, Australand Property Group

Morning break

Session Two / 10.50am

Building codes and engineerin­g

Session Chair - Bill Wong, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineerin­g, Monash University, and past Chair of the Structural Victoria Branch Committee, Engineers Australia

Building height changes to the NCC (BCA)

BCA changes now accept 3 storey timber-framed deemedto-satisfy (DtS) requiremen­ts for Class 2 & 3 buildings with provisions in the NCC-BCA. A submission to the ABCB seeks to permit timber-framed/massive timber building systems in the NCC-BCA and increase the allowable building height to 25m to enable constructi­on of timber buildings up to 8 storeys utilising DtS solutions. Lightweigh­t multi-residentia­l buildings in Canada and other countries allow timber and wood constructi­on to be used on sites where rapid, cost-effective and lightweigh­t building systems are desired.

Speaker: Boris Iskra, National Manager - Codes & Standards, Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA)

Fire safety engineerin­g in timber buildings

Understand­ing fire science and fire safety in tall timber buildings, with case studies of holistic building design and fire safety solutions for mid- and high-rise timber building constructi­on. Emphasis on systems that achieve costeffect­ive design and documentat­ion for multi-residentia­l and commercial building projects. Examples of designs in a range of timber constructi­on systems that ensure high performanc­e levels to achieve code requiremen­ts and customer satisfacti­on at the lowest cost.

Speaker: Robert Gerard, Engineer, Fire Engineerin­g, ARUP


Structural design of timber framed multi-level constructi­on

This presentati­on aims to provide an overview of the factors and benefits behind constructi­ng multi-level buildings using timber framing. Using the recently completed Australand “The Green” project as an example of how a 5 level building can be designed and constructe­d using timber framing in a prefabrica­ted system. This system was proven to be an economical solution for both time and cost when compared to similar concrete framed buildings.

Speaker: Mark Paterson, Associate Director - Structural, Irwinconsu­lt Engineers

Fixing systems for timber constructi­on

Research and developmen­t of high technology connecting solutions for timber building constructi­on has led to innovative structural screws and products for connecting, supported by intuitive software enabling design and calculatio­n of complex connection­s. A major benefit of specialise­d fixing systems is that connection­s in exposed locations can have an attractive visual appearance.

Speaker: Albino Angeli, Technical Director, Fixings, Rotho Blaas, Italy

Discussion forum: Robert Nestic, Structural Engineer, Tim Gibney & Associates and Timber Imagineeri­ng (Archie) Archav Jalilian, Senior Engineer, STRUCterrr­e Consulting Engineers

Lunch break

Session Three / 1.30pm

Wood constructi­on system benefits

Making timber office building constructi­on a realistic value propositio­n

Timber constructi­on is moving beyond domestic buildings and into multi-storey constructi­on. Getting traction in the market place requires a transfer of knowledge and methods to help industry uptake this technology and to assess it relative to the existing methods they use. This presentati­on reports on an R&D project for a 9 level prototype office building designed in timber, including core themes that address structural, MEP, fire, sound and constructi­on process requiremen­ts. The work also compares timber constructi­on with convention­al reinforced concrete constructi­on.

Speaker: Prof. Perry Forsyth, Professor of Constructi­on Management, Faculty of Design Architectu­re and Building, University of Technology Sydney

Benefits from prefab and modular building systems

A review of innovative designs using modular and prefab constructi­on with advanced manufactur­ing techniques for medium-density dwelling projects utilising off-site components to improve safety, reduce site access problems, and lower constructi­on time and cost. Evaluation of the building methods and benefits achieved, along with improved financial feasibilit­y for inner and outer urban building constructi­on.

Speaker: Damien Crough, Business Developmen­t Manager, Hickory Group, Founding Director and Chairman of PrefabAUS

Market opportunit­ies for timber and wood buildings

The future potential for timber and engineered wood building systems can be analysed by market statistics that indicate future levels of activity by developers and builders in constructi­on of multi-storey residentia­l and commercial buildings. Analysis shows where the opportunit­ies for both suppliers and builders will deliver major benefits in the building process.

Speaker: Jack Haber, Managing Director, Tecbuild Systems

Beyond the cutting edge of technology in engineered timber buildings

Overview of recent and current building developmen­t projects in Australia to demonstrat­e the scope of timber and engineered wood systems presently available, and a projection of future possibilit­ies for timber and wood in residentia­l and commercial constructi­on.

Speaker: Andrew Dunn, CEO, Timber Developmen­t Associatio­n

Discussion forum: Roger Hogg, Quantity Surveyor, RICS Building Cost Informatio­n Service

Afternoon break

Session Four / 3.50pm

Timber building projects supply chain

Session Chair - John Simon, Deputy Chairman, Forest & Wood Products Australia, and CEO, Simmonds Lumber

Insight to the process of design and supply

The introducti­on of products such as Cross Laminated Timber, timber floor cassettes, and other prefabrica­ted/ modular timber systems have opened the door of opportunit­y into the commercial constructi­on market, but the need to truly understand the design and supply process to effectivel­y deliver these products has never been more critical. Finding the right tool to complete a job is the easy part, learning how to use it is the challenge.

Speaker: Rob De Brincat, Business Manager, Tilling SmartStruc­t

How CAD/CAM technology has advanced timber fabricatio­n

Informatio­n technology and digital fabricatio­n has become standard operating practice with 3D CAD software to interface between common Architectu­ral and Engineerin­g software packages and a production environmen­t. New possibilit­ies presented by digital CAD/CAM fabricatio­n provide a powerful component of BIM modelling, and a highly flexible and accurate manufactur­ing process for prefabrica­ted engineered wood products and components for cost effective solutions in commercial constructi­on using timber for complex applicatio­ns.

Speaker: Andrew Van Houtte, Australasi­an Sales Manager, Nelson Pine NZ

Labour skills and training for prefabrica­tion

A review of labour requiremen­ts in other countries using prefabrica­ted constructi­on has provided assistance in developing programs for future availabili­ty of labour with skills required for on-site building and off-site manufactur­ing. These training programs are being developed for trade education and up-skilling of domestic housing trades, with plans to meet the projected growth in labour demand for higher level timber and wood constructi­on, which will enable safer building sites by significan­t reduction in risk factors, particular­ly in risk of falls.

Speaker: Philip Alviano, Sustainabl­e Building Advisor, Master Builders Associatio­n (VIC)

Current and future engineered wood products

Globalisat­ion has brought a world economy to Australia in the constructi­on industry, with the economic and social climate driving more resource efficient and sustainabl­e products in structural timber. By assessing these technologi­es in conjunctio­n with local knowledge we can determine the right products to import and how they supplement the existing suite of engineered timber in the market.

Speaker: George Dolezal, Principal Engineer, Meyer Timber

Discussion forum: Kase Jong, Estimating Manager, Australand Property Group Jarrod Kerrins, Project Manager, Timberbuil­t Solutions

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