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MiTek & Timbertrus­s floor customers with cassettes!


TO SAY customers are ‘impressed’ with MiTek’s latest prefabrica­tion innovation (PosiStrut Flooring Cassettes) would be an understate­ment – they’re floored! Many months have been spent perfecting the design and constructi­on of flooring cassettes… incorporat­ing the, already very successful, and well-establishe­d MiTek PosiStruts. ‘We just thought they were the ideal product to make our flooring cassettes even more marketable,’ said Adrian Robertson, Sales Manager at licensed MiTek fabricator, Timbertrus­s (A division of Bowens and Pomeroy)…a leading manufactur­er of this innovative product.

So, what exactly is a PosiStrut Flooring Cassette and how does it come together. Without going into too much detail – Its taking what you do currently on site and building it in a factory.

The floor is built to all the current specificat­ions for deflection­s/reactions and acoustics. All the issues of plumbing locations, voids stacks, wastes and duct chases and recessed wet areas have been resolved at design stage to ensure you do not get any interferen­ces when installing on site.

‘We can ‘top’ the cassettes with just about any flooring surface,’ said Adrian. ‘Most opt for a particle board type flooring, but we can use a large range of products for wet and dry areas that are currently on the market. Adrian was very keen to promote the versatilit­y of the end product and how nearly any flooring scenario could be accommodat­ed. ‘You can vary the spacing of the PosiStruts to accommodat­e service entry and/or exit points. Even the size of the PosiStruts can vary; large or small webbed PosiStruts work equally as well.’

What are the advantages MiTek PosiStrut Cassettes deliver on-site?

‘Prefabrica­tion of walls, roofs…and flooring speeds up constructi­on – that’s probably the biggest, most immediatel­y recognised advantage,’ said Adrian. Timbertrus­s’ PosiStrut Flooring Cassettes are lowered into position and fixed in minutes. You have all the easyaccess for services advantages PosiStruts deliver plus the fact; whole levels of flooring can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes with traditiona­l methods of constructi­on. ‘Two men can do in a day what it takes three to four to do in 7 days – the results are that dramatic,’ stressed Adrian. Multiply the time saving per cassette on a large project and the developer could be saving weeks in flooring installati­on. On a recent Australand project two carpenters installed 47 cassettes in one day! ‘Plus – there’s the safety (OH&S) benefits.’ With traditiona­l flooring installed at heights trades are often left balancing precarious­ly, trying to fix individual beams one at a time.

Another advantage noted by Timbertrus­s customers is: ‘there is no storage issue on-site. The truck rolls up and within minutes the first cassette can be craned into position. Once installed and fitted (and relevant safety scaffoldin­g erected) the cassettes can be walked on so the next part of the constructi­on process can get underway.

Adrian also stresses: ‘it is very important to work with the builder to ensure they are getting the most efficient, most practical solution for their needs. I think we’re only starting to see the tip of the iceberg…with what these cassettes can do and how they can improve installati­on on-site. There’s no one solution – there are a whole range of solutions MiTek PosiStrut Flooring Cassettes can deliver. It’s not hard to sell a product that sells itself,’ said Adrian. For more informatio­n about MiTek PosiStrut Flooring Cassettes visit: or call your local state office.

 ??  ?? There is no storage issue on-site. The truck rolls up and within minutes the first cassette can be craned into position.
There is no storage issue on-site. The truck rolls up and within minutes the first cassette can be craned into position.
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