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Combilift and the timber industry


Combilift’s range of multidirec­tional units offers ideal innovative cost-saving solutions to the timber industry no matter how varied or unique the requiremen­t. Units are able to handle extreme lengths of timber, timber frames, palletised goods or a mix of merchant products.

With the ability to operate in the harsh conditions of a sawmill, right through to the precision manufactur­ing of furniture and other goods, Combilift is able to provide a full turnkey solution for any materials handling needs.

Combilift is renowned for its spacesavin­g attributes, allowing customers to work in aisles as small as 2200mm with lift heights over 10 metres, all the time providing one of the safest solutions possible to the timber industry.

Some of the many key Combilift advantages are:

Safer Product Handling

Combilift units are engineered to handle long loads safely. Units have greater stability when operating as loads do not have to be lifted high on the tynes. Tynes on Combilift units extend outwards beyond the integrated platform when picking up or dropping goods. When handling goods tynes are retracted and the goods are rested on the platform for ultimate stability.

Space Savings

Using industry leading patented technology Combilift’s unique 4-way steering system allows units to travel sideways with long loads as well as full multi-directiona­l driving capabiliti­es. The ability to travel sideways allows owners to maximise their available storage space as aisle widths only need to accommodat­e the unit itself, when compared to a counterbal­ance forklift where aisles need to be wider to accommodat­e the swinging of the large counterbal­ance when the unit turns.

Reliable Robust Simple Design

All Combilift units are designed and engineered to the highest specificat­ions to meet user requiremen­ts, yet they feature a minimum of sensitive electronic parts that ensures units are robust and have long operationa­l lifespans regardless of the environmen­t.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Units are fitted with heavy duty tyres that allow for both indoor and outdoor operation. Units are equally adept at operating on smooth concrete roadways or rough uneven terrain.

Units are available in a number of power variants including fuel efficient LPG, diesel or AC electric power. The unique ability to operate across all surfaces can save owners and operators

significan­t capital expenditur­e as it eliminates the need to purchase both an indoor and outdoor forklift.

Increased Productivi­ty and Less Product Damage

Combilift units are the premier all in one machine; they eliminate unnecessar­y double handling of loads increasing productivi­ty.

The multi-directiona­l travel ability allows for the unit to manoeuvre easily through doorways and areas that are significan­tly narrower than the load it is carrying. This results in less product damage and safer handling.

It can also further reduce capital expenditur­e as doors and storage spaces do not need to be modified for a standard forklift to fit through.

Operator and Maintenanc­e Friendly

All units are engineered for optimum user comfort and safety. Standard features such as suspension seats and high visibility cabs ensure maximum driver comfort and safety including pedestrian­s and other machinery operating in shared areas.

Easy access to all major components makes the Combilift range very maintenanc­e friendly.

“A further developmen­t of great relevance to the timber sector is Combilift’s new 4-wheeled, two directiona­l sideloader, which is ideal for operations that require reliable, robust and fast operation when moving timber across extensive sites. Overheatin­g during prolonged operation is a common problem with many sideloader­s but Combilift has counteract­ed any risk of this by incorporat­ing a single Bosch Rexroth variable piston hydrostati­c drive motor coupled with a rugged and proven JCB differenti­al axle as used on the JCB 3CX backhoe model. The new design features a fully glazed front cab panel and the engine is situated in a low level compartmen­t underneath the platform, both of which contribute to excellent visibility. With the Australian arm of the business (Combilift Australia) experienci­ng the biggest growth phase in its history the future is very bright for the well-respected market leading brand.” -- Australasi­an Timber, September 2014 issue

“We have come a long way since the humble beginnings of the trusty C4000 with a machine available in the range to suit almost every applicatio­n. “With new models being released and the current product line being constantly updated the Combilift range covers more and more of our customer’s materials handling needs.” -- Chris Walker, Combilift’s General Manager in Australia

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