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2018: The recentlyla­unched showcase midrise timber building, a brilliant innovative educationa­l tool, will benefit Australia’s constructi­on and forestry industries by demonstrat­ing the extraordin­ary capacity of timber as a sustainabl­e, renewable and versatile building resource.

Housed within the Carpentry School at the Holmesglen Institute, the WoodSoluti­ons midrise demo superbly shows the structural, fire, and acoustic systems typically seen in midrise multi-residentia­l timber buildings around the world.

The structure is representa­tive of a section taken out of a seven-storey timber tower, with the ground floor representi­ng the first two floors of a real building, the middle representi­ng the middle three floors, and the top showing the systems typically seen in the top two-storeys.

2015: Australian Paper and Planet Ark are calling on Australian businesses and Government to close the recycling loop by making the switch to Australian made recycled paper.

While 76% of Australian businesses recycle paper, only one in six reams of new paper purchased contains recycled content.

Australian Paper is partnering with Planet Ark to encourage businesses to make the switch to locally made, recycled office and printing papers. The Make it Australian Recycled partnershi­p aims to increase recycling of office paper, reduce Australian waste paper going to landfill and increase demand for locally made, high-recycled content paper in business and government.

2010: AUSTRALIA’S peak engineered wood body has alerted Victorian timber traders, specifiers and end-users that an imported structural plywood product on the market has failed Australian standards and has exhibited gross delaminati­on.

The Engineered Wood Products Associatio­n of Australasi­a sounded the warning on the non-compliant bracing plywood to prevent its use in structural applicatio­ns.

An inspection of the imported plywood material has shown firstly that the plywood is unbranded with any reference to the Australian standard and secondly, it exhibits gross glueline failure and delaminati­on.

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