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Fire safety profession­als impressed by timber demonstrat­ion building


RE C E N T tours of the FWPA-supported WoodSoluti­ons mid-rise timber demonstrat­ion building were a big success with some of Australia’s leading fire safety profession­als.

The WoodSoluti­ons Midrise Advisory team conducted two walk throughs of the multi-storey timber constructi­on at Holmesglen Institute in Chadstone in August with representa­tives from Warrington­fire.

Warrington­fire is a global leader in fire safety services. In Australia, it offers a comprehens­ive range of fire safety engineerin­g, independen­t fire testing, fire assessment and product certificat­ion services to the constructi­on and building products industries.

Representa­tives from Warrington­fire’s fire testing and fire assessment team attended the site to familiaris­e themselves with mid-rise constructi­on products, systems and assembly methods with particular relevance to fire resistance, compliance and therefore certificat­ion.

The structure was built to assist with education on midrise constructi­on methods in Australia. It demonstrat­es how to successful­ly design and build a six-level mid-rise project with engineered timber products, based on a section of an apartment building. Check out this video for a brief overview of the mid-rise demonstrat­ion model.

The full-scale, mid-rise timber constructi­on demonstrat­es all the structural, fire rating, and acoustic systems associated with timber in mid-rise constructi­on. Since completion, design and build profession­als have been invited to tour the building, guided by trained WoodSoluti­ons representa­tives.

Attendees can see first-hand how timber can be used for a variety of purposes in midrise structures, and thereby gain an understand­ing of how it can be used safely in design adapted to capitalise on the many benefits associated with timber in constructi­on.

“The feedback from the tours has been very positive and Warrington­fire members commented on the usefulness of being able to not only visualise, but closely inspect the systems and applicatio­ns related to engineered wood products on display at Holmesglen,” said Gerard

Neylan, Program Advisor at the WoodSoluti­ons Mid-rise Program.

“This will be of value not only in providing advice to project proponents and their consultant­s, but also in assessing fire compliance in the future from a more informed viewpoint.”

Patrick Chan, Senior Fire Testing Engineer at Warrington­fire, said, “I found the tour to be informativ­e and it connected the testing we have done in the lab to the actual constructi­on.”

The walkthroug­hs were so well received by attendees that Warrington­fire has requested an additional visit be arranged to gain the same valuable insights for more of its experts and advisors.

If you would like to arrange a walkthroug­h of the model, contact info@woodsoluti­ons. today

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