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INTRODUCIN­G Darryl Freestone, the master craftsman behind Wood n Dream.

From his workshop in Richmond, Tasmania, Darryl casts an impressive figure.

With a background in the hard and fast print industry, Darryl sought the clean air and relaxed lifestyle from a Tasmanian sea change.

That was 2005.

Self-taught using a GMC lathe, today, the Wood n Dream workshop possesses an impressive array of cutting-edge woodturnin­g lathe and equipment.

A man with an eye for precision, Darryl is the expert wood-turner that has made his name producing the finest quality woodturnin­g products fit for a king or prince. Darryl Freestone explains:

“My most memorable experience, and perhaps my most memorable customers, was a meeting with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwell while they were visiting Hobart.

On their visit, they bought two of my Grinders to take back home.”

Darryl’s famous Salt and Pepper Grinders are unofficial­ly the royal standard, honed from many years of spindle work and using the Crush Grind Diamond mechanisms which carry a 25-year guarantee.

Whether it be cheese knives, large centrepiec­e bowls or grinders, Darryl’s pieces are made from stunning native Tasmanian timbers including Sassafras, Huon Pine, Blackwood, and Myrtle.

These timbers have high value and must be traceable from forests that practice sustainabl­e forest management both today and for many generation­s to come.

Wood n Dream is one of over 30 Tasmanian timber businesses now covered by the Fine Timber Tasmania Group Chain of Custody system.

Managed by Brueckner Leech, Mark Leech and Eddy Willis, Fine Timber Tasmania is the largest chain of custody group scheme involved in the Responsibl­e Wood certificat­ion scheme.

The Fine Timber Tasmania Chain of Custody system is a simple, yet rigorous system that covers all steps in the supply chain and ensures licensees, such as Wood n Dream, only make timber products that can be traced back to a sustainabl­e and legal source.

Mark Leech explains:

“Fine Timber Tasmania provides a system that manages our Responsibl­e Wood Chain of Custody certificat­ion because it covers the full supply chain for timber, we the system effectivel­y demonstrat­es the origin and ensures timber sourced from Tasmanian forests meet environmen­tal and social credential­s.”

You can find Wood n Dream wood products in all Australian airports and major distributi­on centres. In addition, Wood n Dream will soon be trading at the famous Salamanca Markets in Salamanca Place, Hobart.

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 ?? ?? • Darryl Freestone in his workshop in Richmond, Tasmania.
• Darryl Freestone in his workshop in Richmond, Tasmania.

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