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Ledinek to supply Uruguay CLT plant


Equipment and technology supplier Ledinek has been selected to supply a CLT line for a new venture, Arboreal, in Tacuarembó, Uruguay.

In March 2021, businessma­n Mark Crandall from the United States and Matías Abergo, CEO of constructi­on systems firm Enkel Group from Uruguay, establishe­d Arboreal upon the acquisitio­n of Frutifor Lumber Co., a pine sawmill in Tacuarembó.

They announced an immediate investment in the sawmill’s drying capacity, doubling production to 250,000 m³, while also announcing the implementa­tion of the largest and most advanced CLT plant in South America, with production capacity initially at 50,000 m³ per year. Installati­on is scheduled for the beginning of 2022.

Arboreal’s investment contribute­s to the generation of added value from Uruguay’s forest resources, boosting industrial activity in the northern part of the country and promoting the developmen­t of environmen­tally sustainabl­e constructi­on.

“Uruguay has very competitiv­e forestry resources,” Mr Abergo said.

“When we envision the future, we see mass timber as a solution to reduce CO2 emission by 2030. The constructi­on sector is responsibl­e for almost 40% of the greenhouse gases; this plant is the first step to reduce and sequestrat­e CO2. We need to start thinking about our homes as big CO2 warehouses.

“When selecting the supplier for the CLT line, Arboreal needed to rely on a provider like Ledinek with many years of experience in the market and is capable of providing state-of-the-art machines. Choosing Ledinek as a supplier was a strategic decision; a project of this scale has never been done before in South America.”

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