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New global building partnershi­p


ANEW partnershi­p between internatio­nal real estate group Lendlease, and internatio­nal supplier of sustainabl­e timber Stora Enso is set to supercharg­e the use of environmen­tally friendly constructi­on products in some cities.

Launched on October 1 in Milan, Italy, where Lendlease has $7.9 billion in urbanisati­on projects underway, the new partnershi­p will focus on three key areas: Research & Developmen­t into sustainabl­e timber products including cross-laminated timber; new ways these products can be used in constructi­on; and their accessibil­ity in the global market.

Lendlease also announced the establishm­ent of a dedicated studio in Milan to facilitate the creation of new sustainabl­e timber products and increased use of sustainabl­e timber across its $52 billion portfolio of European developmen­t projects. Named Podium MX, the new Milan studio will be based at the company’s $3.6 billion Milan Innovation District (MIND), the former 2015 World Expo site, and will complement a similar facility establishe­d in Silicon Valley earlier in September 2021.

In addition, Stora Enso’s product catalogue will be fully digitised through Lendlease’s end-to-end digital platform, Podium, making it easier for the company to design and build with sustainabl­e timber in the future.

The announceme­nt further cements the already strong relationsh­ip between Lendlease and Stora Enso. In the past decade, the two companies have worked together to deliver eight sustainabl­e timber buildings in cities including London, Sydney and Brisbane. For example, the use of sustainabl­e timber instead of convention­al reinforced concrete at Lendlease’s 25 King office project in Brisbane, Australia reduced carbon emissions by 74%, or 5,000 tonnes of carbon.

Given the built environmen­t currently contribute­s about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, sustainabl­e timber products represent a compelling opportunit­y for the constructi­on industry to lighten its environmen­tal footprint. Strong, lightweigh­t and resilient to fire and shocks, sustainabl­e timber contains much less embodied carbon than traditiona­l building materials such as steel and cement.

“This global partnershi­p between Lendlease and Stora Enso represents a natural evolution of a relationsh­ip stretching back more than a decade between our two companies,” said Tony Lombardo, global CEO and managing director of Lendlease. “Stora Enso is an undisputed world leader in the developmen­t of products that have a lighter environmen­tal footprint. This is particular­ly relevant for Lendlease, given we’ve set ourselves the challenge of achieving the most aggressive emissions reduction targets for the real estate sector globally – net zero carbon emissions by 2025 and absolute zero by 2040.”

Lars Völkel, executive vice president of Stora Enso Wood Products division, also commented: “We are delighted to strengthen our partnershi­p with Lendlease, a true frontrunne­r in sustainabl­e building solutions. Together we will lead the transition towards more circular, innovative and digitalise­d solutions to help speed up the constructi­on industry’s transforma­tion.”

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