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Lee Filters Debuts Modular Holder


British filter manufactur­er Lee has launched a new holder and filter system, Compatible with its existing Lee 100mm filters and adapter rings, the new LEE100 system holder is manufactur­ed from injection-moulded composite materials to combine strength and durability with a lighter weight. It features a new three-way locking system with Neutral, Half-Lock and Full-Lock settings which regulate the holder’s rotation and locking on the adapter ring.

Modular filter-guide blocks are available in one-, two- and three-slot configurat­ions, and have a simplified design so they simply snap on to the holder and remain securely in place. A new tapered profile gives improved resistance when positionin­g filters.

The LEE100 system can be used with up to three slot-in filters without the risk of vignetting, making it compatible with many of today’s ultra wide-angle lenses. The modular holder is accompanie­d by the new LEE100 Polariser which is designed to quickly and easily snap on to the front of the filter-guide block. Constructe­d using a lightweigh­t, high-transmissi­on polariser glass, the LEE100 Polariser features a subtle warm tone to help intensify natural colours. It can be used in combinatio­n with LEE’s 100mm filter range and, when clipped on to the two-slot filter-guide block, has the same wide-angle capabiliti­es as the previous filter holder.

Existing LEE polarisers can be attached to the new holder via a clip-on 105 mm polariser ring. The polariser is then simply screwed into the ring and clipped on to the new LEE100 holder where it can be used either on its own or in combinatio­n with other filters.

For more informatio­n about the new LEE100 filter system visit www.LEE100hold­ or

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