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Kuvrd Covers Your Lenses


Forever losing lens caps? Here’s a neat solution from Kuvrd – the company has just introduced an updated version of its silicone universal lens cover. There’s now two sizes – Micro and Magnum – with thicker walls to improve protection, while the dome-shaped face enhances stretchabi­lity. The new ‘V2’ covers are also made from a higher-grade silicone material to enhance durability. The sleeve-like design not only serves as a lens cap, but also provides some protection for the lens barrel, while also enhancing the grip when you’re grabbing a lens out of your camera bag. The tight seal also guards against dust and moisture and, once fitted, the Kuvrd covers won’t ever fall off. Additional­ly, they can be used on both the front and rear of a lens. If so desired, they can be fitted over a convention­al lens cap and also stacked to provide additional protection against knocks and shocks. The white cross marked on the front is designed to be coloured in to provide a way of identifyin­g your lenses.

The bigger Magnum version is designed to fit lenses with a diameter of 72mm to 122mm, while the Micro fits from 54mm to 76mm. The Kuvrd universal lens caps can be purchased singly or in packs of two, four, six, eight or 10. The Micro costs $39 and the Magnum sells for $45, but buying in multiples reduces the unit cost with, for example, the Micro twin-pack priced at $69 and the Macro twinpack at $75. You can also mix and match sizes. The Kuvrd universal lens caps are distribute­d in Australia by Maxxum Pty Ltd.

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