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Australian T3 - - HYPE -

Hang on T3, this looks like a skate­board with­out wheels... Far from it, but it will make you say “Great Scott!”. This is here is the mas­ter key of your home au­to­ma­tion sys­tem, one that ties to­gether a whole bunch of sys­tems into one, all con­trolled through an app. Get it set up prop­erly and it’ll save you money by giv­ing you to­tal mas­tery over your home’s light­ing and se­cu­rity, even when you’re on the other side of the world. So how does it do that? The B.One Hub con­nects to ex­ist­ing smart sen­sors and de­vices - such as Belkin’s WeMo, and the Philips Hue - so you can pro­gram it to only light up a room when you’re in it, but also mon­i­tors your daily pat­terns to learn when to turn lights on and off. With the right com­bi­na­tion of sen­sors, it’ll also act as an alarm and send an alert to your smart­phone if there’s un­usual ac­tiv­ity in your house. How hard is it to in­stall? Dead easy. Place it in the mid­dle of your room, and the B.One Hub dig­i­tally soaks your sen­sors with its var­i­ous fre­quen­cies and com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­to­cols. All you need to do is plug it in, con­nect it to Wi-Fi and you’re most of the way there. It even has a bat­tery backup and slot for a SIM card if the power goes down or your router throws a fit. Does it just al­ter the lights? Much more than that. De­pend­ing on your hard­ware it’ll talk to your air-con, cof­fee ma­chine and home en­ter­tain­ment sys­tem. Magic! When can I buy this? The B.One Hub will be on sale this au­tumn.

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