These cam­eras re­sem­ble a dream, but is their han­dling heav­enly or night­mar­ish?

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Canon’s mod­ernist M100 is the op­tion here that looks and feels the most out­wardly plas­tic-y, but then it’s also the least ex­pen­sive and, given the fact that it boasts a phys­i­cally large APS-C-sized sen­sor – the big­ger the sen­sor, the­o­ret­i­cally the bet­ter the photos – it is stu­pen­dously small. With min­i­mal top- and back-plate but­tons and con­trols, this is a cam­era that any­one could pick up and start snap­ping with. Those who pre­fer more phys­i­cal, tac­tile con­trols for tweak­ing man­ual set­tings may be dis­ap­pointed, how­ever, and the lack of an eye-level viewfinder may be fur­ther de­flat­ing; stills and videos are in­stead com­posed via its back­plate LCD. The built-in flash, sunk un­ob­tru­sively into the top plate, but which springs forth dra­mat­i­cally when ac­ti­vated, is also a neat trick.

Overtly old-school with its range find­er­cam­era-like ridged dial son the top plate to gov­ern shut­ter speed and ex­po­sure, and va­cant hot­shoe for at­tach­ing var­i­ous ac­ces­sories, Fuji’s X-E2 should ap­peal to

Overtly old-school, the Fuji X-E2 should ap­peal to the nos­tal­gic

the nos­tal­gic. If it weren’t for the LCD screen on the back­plate, we might imag­ine this cam­era was from the 1970s. We do how­ever get a built-in elec­tronic viewfinder with eye sen­sor, that switches the eye-level win­dow on and the larger LCD be­low it off.

For those who like their cam­eras crammed with tac­tile con­trols but still small enough to slip into a coat pocket, the brand’s E-M10 MK III will sat­isfy with its mix of classical styling and con­tem­po­rary prac­ti­cal­ity. It has it all in terms of han­dling; eye-level viewfinder plus larger tilt­ing LCD, along with va­cant hot­shoe for adding an ac­ces­sory flash, plus there’s a built-in bulb hid­den just above the lens. In prac­ti­cal terms, the smaller Four Thirds sen­sor em­ployed by the Olym­pus, as op­posed to the larger APS-C sen­sors in the Canon and Fuji, en­ables a longer fo­cal reach from a phys­i­cally smaller lens.

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