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LOGITECH POP $195.87 (starter kit), ama­

The Logitech Pop comes as a starter kit, which seems pricey, but you get two but­tons plus the bridge re­quired to con­nect them up. This sys­tem gives the but­tons a greater range than Bluetooth op­tions, so you have more free­dom to place them around the home. Pop is quite big, mak­ing it easy to find and press in a rush. Setup takes a few min­utes; you need to in­stall the bridge first, but there­after but­tons can be added with a press. Adding com­mands in the app is easy, though you have to man­u­ally scan for de­vices first. Stan­dard Pop com­mands are on/off with the same press, though an ad­vanced mode al­lows you to set on and off ac­tions with dif­fer­ent presses, and you can also set mul­ti­ple ac­tions to each of them. Pop sup­ports many smart home de­vices within its own app, but it can also con­trol Home-Kit-com­pat­i­ble prod­ucts too.


T3 SAYS The Logitech Pop is a highly ca­pa­ble smart home but­ton, though you’ll have to pay ex­tra in the first in­stance to start us­ing it.

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