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TURN TOUCH US$59 ($77.52), turn­touch.com

We love the look of the Turn Touch, with its lux­u­ri­ous ma­hogany fin­ish, but we ap­pre­ci­ate it might be too much for some. What isn’t up for de­bate is its ca­pa­bil­i­ties – un­like the other but­tons here, you can’t carry out dif­fer­ent ac­tions with dif­fer­ent but­ton presses; in­stead you get a whop­ping four but­tons to stab at. On each but­ton you can as­sign a dif­fer­ent de­vice, and each de­vice gets four com­mands, giv­ing you up to 16 in­di­vid­ual com­mands at your dis­posal. This is great if you want more con­trol over sin­gle de­vices or ecosys­tems. Turn Touch works with most ma­jor smart home ser­vices, such as Hue and Wemo, and it even sup­ports HomeKit. It’s easy to set up and au­to­mat­i­cally scans for smart home stuff. The down­sides? It only works with Mac and iOS, and it can get con­fus­ing re­mem­ber­ing which but­tons con­trol what.


T3 SAYS A unique spin on the smart home but­ton theme, Turn Touch gives you greater con­trol over de­vices and looks stun­ning (if you like wood).

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