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Al­ways-con­nected lap­tops get a new ad­di­tion to the fold in the form of Lenovo’s sprightly Miix 630, a two-in-one with in­te­grated 4G LTE, for what Lenovo prom­ises to be ‘true any­time, any­where mo­bil­ity’. You want that. Es­pe­cially if you reg­u­larly work in cof­fee shops, on the train, or while wait­ing for your plane – with on­board 4G LTE, you won’t have to rely on find­ing a Wi-Fi hotspot. Lenovo has also bun­dled in a de­tach­able, full-sized, back­lit key­board and a dig­i­tal pen so that you work and play bet­ter. Amp­ing your pro­duc­tiv­ity fur­ther, mean­while, is a Snap­dragon 835 Mo­bile PC Plat­form on Win­dows 10 S. The Miix 630 is also light­weight, quiet and flex­i­ble, so you can stuff it in your bag when you’re done.

T3 SAYS: Lenovo’s look­ing to im­press, and keep you ever-con­nected, with its first Snap­dragon 835 Win­dows tablet.

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