Huawei WiFi Q2

Australian T3 - - 2018’S GADGET WISHLIST -

There’s no sex­ier area of tech than home mesh net­works (ahem) and Huawei’s new Q2 sys­tem is a great ex­am­ple. It’s ac­tu­ally a com­bi­na­tion of pow­er­line and mesh Wi-Fi, which means a set of these units can cover a colos­sal area, with less no­tice­able speed slow-down at the fringes. Your satel­lite ac­cess points get full-speed in­ter­net ac­cess with­out the po­ten­tial of wire­less degra­da­tion from the hub. It also in­cludes a ded­i­cated chan­nel for smart home de­vices, which it will au­to­mat­i­cally de­tect and route on the cor­rect band, so the stream from your smart se­cu­rity cam­era won’t in­ter­fere with the qual­ity of your 4K Net­flix binge. It looks like a very neat so­lu­tion, all-in-all. It should be out later in 2018.

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