Stylist El­lis Ran­son ex­plains how to tran­si­tion from win­ter to summer.

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Late win­ter through early summer is an odd time for clothes. We’re not quite ready to em­brace the tees and light­weight chi­nos of summer, but it’s still too cool to aban­don the heav­ier knits of au­tumn. So, how can we shift into the new sea­son both com­fort­ably and stylishly? El­lis Ran­son, stylist to the likes of Rio Fer­di­nand and Peter An­dre, sug­gests run­ning an in­ven­tory on your ex­ist­ing wardrobe, then care­fully adding in new pieces, rather than splurg­ing on a to­tal fad closet over­haul…

“Men can get away with spend­ing more on fewer pieces, avoid­ing too much throw-away fash­ion,” says El­lis. Take a look at your jeans and how these could be paired with a new sweat­shirt, or give your favourite summer tees a new lease of life be­neath a tai­lored blazer.

Adopt­ing a tonal ap­proach to colour is an­other key start­ing point, says El­lis: “I love us­ing dif­fer­ent shades of the same colour. Grey is a great ex­am­ple, as dif­fer­ent shades of grey cre­ates a clean, ef­fort­less look.” For choos­ing a look on cooler au­tumn days, El­lis sug­gests lay­er­ing up – but stylishly. “Lay­er­ing is a key style hack for all men. If you’re wear­ing a plain jumper, try a longer-line t-shirt un­der­neath, styled with a pair of skinny jeans for a more ca­sual look.”

When it comes to com­fort­able lay­er­ing, El­lis ad­vises her clients to fol­low one golden rule: “Gym clothes be­long in the gym. We all love a track­suit, but if you’re look­ing for com­fort try a twin­set. These are hugely pop­u­lar and of­fer a ca­sual look while still help­ing you look as though you’ve made an ef­fort.”

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