Match moods in­doors and out

Bring the out­doors in with a clever light­ing tweak

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Use smart bulbs to link the con­di­tions out­side to a cer­tain colour

There’s noth­ing worse than start­ing your day in a warm and fuzzy mood and then meet­ing a great out­doors that hasn’t had the same idea. Cre­at­ing equi­lib­rium be­tween a smart home and the dumb out­doors isn’t im­pos­si­ble, even if it would be easy to take this too far. Link­ing your ther­mo­stat to the tem­per­a­ture out­side would be a lit­tle crazy – though, per­haps, tweak­ing your home’s tem­per­a­ture within a cer­tain range might work with­out freez­ing you solid in your bed.

But that’s a project for an­other day. Rather than deal­ing with the phys­i­cal – fir­ing up a smart plug-con­nected fan when your home hits a cer­tain heat level, for ex­am­ple, is a triv­ial task – let’s look in­stead at the men­tal as­pect of the daily de­par­ture. Get­ting a morn­ing weather re­port de­liv­ered is straight­for­ward enough, given that it’s baked into the Alexa Flash Brief­ing, al­though you can do slightly bet­ter if you’re on an Ama­zon de­vice: try us­ing the Big Sky skill to pull in a hy­per­local and, most im­por­tantly, po­lite weather fore­cast. If you’re of­ten an­gry in the morn­ing, the phone app WTFore­cast will be more your slice of toast, given that it de­liv­ers the bad news with a lib­eral dose of vit­riol and wan­ton curs­ing.

Let’s not talk to any­one, though. Let’s not even look at a screen with bleary eyes. Us­ing IFTTT and a smart bulb or three, you can link the con­di­tions out­side to a cer­tain colour light – a mis­er­able pur­ple for rain and a cold blue for cloud. The key to mak­ing this work is the crowd­sourced and data-friendly Weather Un­der­ground ser­vice, though you could also use the out­door por­tion of the Netatmo Weather Sta­tion if you were so in­clined.

Want to know what the weather’s like with­out look­ing out­side? Use a smart bulb

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