Australian T3 - - TESTED -

MIS­SION WORK­SHOP RHAKE From $289, mis­sion­work­shop.com If you have to as­cend a moun­tain to get to the of­fice, the mil­i­tary-spec Rhake is as rugged as it gets, with a choice of HT500 or Mul­tiCam Cor­dura fab­ric; you can also spec su­per-tough Co­bra Aus­triAlpin front con­nec­tors. Want pock­ets? This thing has all of them, with a lap­top in­sert and hid­den tablet pocket. Each gets a weath­er­proof lin­ing and water-re­sis­tant zips. Well­padded straps make it comfy to wear, though the chest strap lacks ad­just­ment for, ahem, larger folks.

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