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Sony and Libratone finally bring proper noise cancellati­on to properly

cable-free headphones

$327, DESIGN

Out of your ears, these look oddly pointy, but all becomes clear once inserted. The fit is both secure and discreet with minimal protrusion, unlike the Sony. The case is similarly pleasing in its compact size and tactile feel. Very nice, all told.


As with the sound quality, Libratone’s noise cancelling is less good than Sony’s on a sliding scale that almost exactly matches its lower price. IPX4 water resistance, along with the fit, make them a bit more workout-friendly and life-proof.


Here you get a straight six hours, which 18 months ago would have seemed like a lot for true wireless, and is still not bad. The battery case adds a further 18 hours of charging and while Libratone doesn’t claim ‘fast charging’ as such, it’s not slow.


There’s nothing wrong with Libratone’s punchy sound, even if it can’t quite compete with Sony’s when it comes to bass, overall presence and noise-defeating. Given the cheaper price, Libratone’s Track Air+ will be the choice of many.


WE’RE IMPRESSED Excellent fit, reasonable price, very good sound and the addition of water resistance makes them better for active pursuits. WE’D IMPROVE Not much, they’re excellent value.

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