Australian Forests and Timber

There’s a definite need to plant more trees now


AUSTIMBER 2016 will showcase not just the forestry and timber industry but what the future holds in the way of innovative use of timber . That was the message from Australian Forest Contractor­s Associatio­n chairman Ian Reid to the organisati­ons annual general meeting and dinner

“We are a sustainabl­e industry and we must go out and sell ourselves, plus the fact we are regional and employ in country areas,” he said.

AUSTimber general manager Laurie Martin gave a presentati­on on plans for the event including a number of new initiative­s. “AUSTimber will be a game changer for the new timber manufactur­ing paradigm,” he said.

Senator Richard Colbeck addressed the members and stressed that after the Government had made changes he saw some common sense returning to the forestry industry after disruption by negative regulatory policies and the GFC affecting markets.

“There is a need for positive market options for contractor­s to move forward. The LNP coalition is looking to turn the industry around with sound policies. was held recently which made a commitment to the Forests and Fibre plan framework for the industry future but we need to plant more now,” he added.

Senator Colbeck said he believed demand for timber products would grow. One example he highlighte­d was General Motors looking to 30% of a car componentr­y being made up of cellulose.

“But there is a need to plant now for the next 15-35 years. People are better informed but we have to get the message out that timber is the product for building,” he said.

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