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Publisher’s Christmas Message


CHRISTMAS IS nearly upon us, a New Year is ready to dawn and with that timeframe in mind we look in the rearview mirror and also take a good, close look ahead. in the Green Triangle and Tasmania, to name but a few, paint a very positive picture for 2015 and beyond.

So too has the change of attitude in the corridors of power in Canberra. With a change of Government has come a modicum of sensibilit­y toward forestry and its associated activities. The launch of the Forest Industry Council was indeed proof that at least the groundwork was being done - and done properly - to ensure the industry had a united voice that would be listened to by the decision-makers.

Then came the “Friends of Forestry and Forest Products” group, a cross Party organisati­on with the aim of taking forestry out of the political cycle and to make the industry one that didn’t have to be concerned about when the next election was coming around ... “to make it an industry that could get on with the job and not have to continue coming to government for assistance because it was being readjusted”.

For too long Australia has been looking enviably at Canada and Europe and also New Zealand but now is the time to make the adjustment to being a leader. We have the expertise, we have the source, and we have the will. Opportunit­ies abound in a carbon constraine­d world and our industry can set the agenda. Timber is a good regional developmen­t story to tell and it should be embraced at all levels. I would like to thank the many contributo­rs and industry organisati­ons who are integral to this publicatio­n, plus the advertiser­s who have supported us to bring it to our readers. Our sales, editorial production and support team remain passionate about the industry and we look forward to serving our customers and readers in 2015. After all, we print your industry details on a product that you produce. Best wishes to all for a Merry and Safe Christmas followed by a Prosperous New Year.

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