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Engaging and thought-provoking speaker


NOEL PEARSON, Director of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership, has been named as a Keynote speaker for the 2017 Institute of Foresters conference about tropical forestry to be held in Cairns from 14-17 August.

Noel is Director of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership, an organisati­on promoting the economic and social developmen­t of Cape York in far north Queensland.

"An engaging and thought-provoking speaker, Noel is sure to leave conference­goers wanting more - and more will be provided," said Dr Kevin Harding, Chair of the Conference Organising Committee.

"Noel will be joined by Professor Sandra Harding, Vice Chancellor and President of James Cook University Australia.

"An economic sociologis­t by training, Professor Harding has a keen interest in the global Tropics, northern Australia and economic developmen­t.

"There are few countries in our region that have not been influenced by forestry leaders trained in Australia.

"The conference location brings focus on Northern Australian developmen­t, particular­ly the role that forestry should play in developmen­t initiative­s that are canvassed in the 2015 Northern Australia White Paper," said Kevin.

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