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Georgia, Alia and Mia, why did you decide to launch Nectar Coffee Roasters?

We wanted everyone to experience a new sense of freshness and excitement to get through the day, so what better way than good-quality coffee?

What makes your approach to coffee unique?

Besides our coffee being air-roasted, (fairly new technology in the industry), we represent women and how women consume coffee and make coffee purchases. We’ve almost entirely looked at women’s habits for this project so we consider their coffeedrin­king behaviour; women have different variables that impact their choices like being pregnant, health reasons etc. This is reflected in our packaging, overall brand and actual coffee products. Of course we want everyone to buy and enjoy Nectar, but by giving women a space to order coffee that potentiall­y is more suited to their consumptio­n preference­s, we are starting conversati­ons that are only happening in a small part of the industry. But don’t be fooled: women know good coffee and don’t just prefer sweeter, lighter roasts.

How does buying beans from Nectar help female-focused causes?

We are passionate about being women, and passionate to learn more about what it means to be a woman for everyone. So it was an organic venture that we want our audience to be involved in. It’s not enough for us to just decide how to help, so we want more voices, more input. Five per cent of profits go towards social causes that are dedicated to helping women in need; we want to get our audience involved in choosing who we donate to.

How important was it for you to establish a company that had a social conscience and why?

It was very important for us to be a socially conscious company – as women who experience and witness circumstan­ces where we’re disadvanta­ged, it’s simply not good enough. There is still sexism and gender inequality in so many areas of society. We wanted to join the feminism movement actively and provide a way for our consumers to join, too.

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