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Palisa Anderson on food sustainabi­lity


As both a farmer and restaurate­ur, Palisa Anderson is acutely aware of the cost of producing food and sourcing ingredient­s. She says we are incredibly for tunate to be in a country where we can grow just about anything, and yet there are much fewer farms these days. “A lot of food is imported and I think people need to stop expecting things to look a cer tain way. People who live in cities, through many generation­s, have forgotten what food is supposed to taste like,” she says. She’d like to see consumers thinking about where their food has come from and how it has impacted the person who made it.Through this you’ll be more understand­ing of the true cost and be happy to pay a fair price. “A good gateway to doing that is try your hand at growing some of the food you consume yourself.You’ll know and appreciate how much harder it is to actually bring that food to your plate,” says Anderson.

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