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1. The Golden Wat­tle is the na­tional flower of which coun­try – Aus­tralia, Greece or In­dia? 2. What does the Dewey Dec­i­mal Sys­tem clas­sify? 3. Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble, who was the fa­ther of the Jewish race? 4. Which Crowded House song has the lyrics “You can take me where you will, up the creek and through the mill”? 5. In which sport did Tiger Woods com­pete in New Zealand in 2006? 6. Who is the only person to have won a No­bel Prize and an Os­car? 7. What is the only com­mon metal that is liq­uid at room tem­per­a­ture? 8. What is the high­est num­ber on a roulette wheel – 20, 36 or 50?

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