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1. When was GST (goods and ser­vices tax) in­tro­duced in Aus­tralia?

2. From what lan­guage does the word “ketchup” come: Ger­man, Hindi or Chi­nese?

3. Ti­ta­nia, Oberon, Mi­randa, Um­bria and Ariel are all moons of which planet?

4. Who coun­try mu­sic star, who died in 2017, played rhythm guitar on Frank Si­na­tra’s clas­sic “Strangers in The Night”?

5. Which ele­phants have big­ger ears, In­dian or African?

6. What was Gene Rod­den­berry’s most fa­mous cre­ation?

7. What was the na­tion­al­ity of Henri Du­nant, founder of the Red Cross?

8. Which Latin word, mean­ing “so” or “thus” is used in brack­ets af­ter a printed word or pas­sage to in­di­cate that it ex­actly re­pro­duces the orig­i­nal?

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