Have you tried… COB­NUTS?

BBC Good Food - - Update -

What are they?

A cob­nut is a va­ri­ety of hazel­nut, tra­di­tion­ally from Kent. Cob­nuts look like reg­u­lar hazel­nuts but slightly broader and longer. When are they in sea­son? Fresh, green (young) cob­nuts are har­vested from midau­gust, and then dry out through­out Septem­ber and Oc­to­ber, turn­ing brown or ‘golden’.

So, what do they taste like? When eaten just af­ter pick­ing, they’re moist and slightly soft, with a taste that some liken to fresh co­conut. As they dry out, the starch in­side turns to sugar lead­ing to a sweeter taste and harder, drier tex­ture, more like reg­u­lar hazel­nuts. How do I eat them then? Just as you would hazel­nuts. Try roast­ing them with salt and toss­ing in a salad with blue cheese and bit­ter leaves, or grat­ing over pasta. Find a recipe for cob­nut & ap­ple cake at bbc­good­food. com. So where can I buy them? Farm­ers’ markets and se­lected Waitrose stores. Or buy online at Al­lens Farm (cob­nuts.co.uk) and Po­tash Farm (ken­tish­cob­nuts.com). Anna Law­son

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