Easy marzi­pan

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Freshly made marzi­pan tastes amaz­ing – you might even con­vert some haters.

A re­cent trip to Lübeck in Ger­many, home to marzi­pan mega-brand Niedereg­ger showed us a few new tricks for flavour­ing, such as adding or­ange or le­mon zest, or switch some al­monds for pis­ta­chios.

Easy marzi­pan

Mix 175g caster sugar, 280g ic­ing sugar and 450g ground al­monds in a large bowl, add the vanilla seeds from 1 pod. Make a well in the mid­dle, then tip in 2 beaten eggs. Stir the wet in­gre­di­ents into the dry with a cut­lery knife. Dust the sur­face with ic­ing sugar, then knead the marzi­pan briefly with your hands to a smooth dough. Don’t overdo it as the paste can get greasy. Add a lit­tle ic­ing sugar if it’s too wet. Shape into a ball, cover and keep in a cool place un­til ready to dec­o­rate. Can be made up to two days in ad­vance. Makes enough for a 20cm cake.

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