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In our World In Your Kitchen video series, Ernestina Agyei shares her love of Ghanaian cuisine and tells us what a ‘garden egg’ is


Learn about Ghanaian cuisine (including what a ‘garden egg’ is) with an excerpt from Ernestina’s episode of our World in Your Kitchen video series

Ghanaian cookery

uses a lot of plantain because it’s so versatile. Plantain is like the banana’s cousin – you can boil it, fry it, mash it.

There are loads of different types of plantain.

There’s a green plantain, which we used to boil, and then you have the yellow plantain that is quite sweet.

One of the most popular dishes in Ghana is called fufu,

where we use plantain and cassava pounded together. We serve it with soups like peanut soup or fish soup.

Garden egg stew with boiled green plantain

is a traditiona­l dish. Whenever I visit Ghana, it’s one that my aunties make for me. Garden eggs are actually a type of aubergine indigenous to West Africa. You mainly find it in tropical countries like West Africa, sub-saharan Africa.

When I go to Ghana

I always have grilled tilapia, it’s a very firm and very tasty fish which you marinate in scotch bonnet chillies, garlic, onions, and whatever else you want to add, then grill it. It’s such an easy and simple recipe.

One thing I love about Ghana

and cooking is that it brings people together. Whenever I go to Ghana, all my aunties and cousins and everyone cooks together. Teamwork makes the dream work!

I use a clay pot called an asanka to grind ingredient­s.

It’s like a manual blender. People call me asanka Tina, because I just love it. You just slice your ingredient­s, then put them in the pot, and use something called a tapoli to grind it. Because the pot has ridges in it, it makes it easier to grind it and it forms into a paste. I really love it because it saves you from using a blender where you have to add water, which can dilute the flavour.


Ernestina ( @etinaa) is a food content creator and marketing manager. Find her video interview with Yee Wen ( @ tinygirlea­tsworld) on bbcgoodfoo­d. com/videos/howto-make-gardeneggs-stew).

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