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Enjoy a lifetime of fabulous baking

Save 20% on Mermaid silver anodised bakeware from UK manufactur­er Samuel Groves


Your pastries, meringues, cakes and bakes will turn out perfectly every time aided by the special properties of this bakeware.

These sturdy, durable but lightweigh­t tins are silver anodised, which means the base material undergoes an electro-chemical process to create an inherently robust, easy-release surface. This improves with age as a lamina builds, and the tins won’t rust, peel, flake or warp. A silver satin finish creates the rapid, even heat distributi­on required for brilliant bakes, and the tins will maintain their looks.

This British-made, high-quality bakeware is supported by a lifetime guarantee, too.

Now, you only have to decide what to bake: a fatless Victoria sandwich, Black Forest pavlova, apple tart or a tray of brownies?

Choose from a fantastic range of tins, including:

● Baking tray (three sizes)

● Baking sheet (three sizes)

● Tarte tatin (two sizes)

● Flan tin (seven sizes)

● Sandwich tin (seven sizes)

● Loaf tin (two sizes)

● Round cake tin (seven sizes)

● Sponge flan tin (two sizes)

● Square tin

For more informatio­n on prices and products, please visit samuelgrov­ products/bakeware and select ‘silver anodised’.

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