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Harissa ketchup


If you’ve made the harissa ketchup on page 34, here are more ideas on how to use it.

• Spiced burger sauce

Mix one part harissa ketchup with two parts mayonnaise, then spoon over burgers or serve with seafood such as prawns. Try it with our meatloaf burgers, pictured below (find the recipe on bbcgoodfoo­

• Homemade harissa hummus

Blitz a 400g can chickpeas, drained and rinsed, with harissa ketchup and olive oil for a quick dip that’s great with vegetable crudités or tortilla chips.

• Harissa BBQ glaze

Brush the harissa ketchup over meat, fish or vegetables a few minutes before the end of cooking on a barbecue, or grill, to give them a sticky glaze.

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