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Red lentil pasta with creamy tomato & pepper sauce


As well as counting towards your five-a-day, this dish is free of gluten and dairy. The speedy sauce is made with roasted peppers and cashews, which add protein and a lovely creamy texture.

SERVES 2 PREP 10 mins COOK 8 mins EASY V 150g red lentil fusilli

2 handfuls of rocket

For the sauce

60g unsalted, unroasted cashews 1 large garlic clove, roughly


1 large roasted red pepper (in red wine vinegar) from a jar, drained, any seeds removed

4 sun-dried tomatoes

8 large basil leaves, roughly


1 First, make the sauce. Put the cashews and garlic in a bowl, then pour over 125ml boiling water and set aside for 5 mins. Meanwhile, put a large pan of water over a high heat. When the water is boiling rapidly, tip in the pasta and a little salt, stir once, then continue to boil for 8 mins, or following pack instructio­ns, until the pasta is softened but still retains some bite. 2 Meanwhile, add the roasted pepper and sun-dried tomatoes to the bowl with the cashews, garlic and water, then whizz with a hand blender or in a food processor to make a smooth, creamy sauce. Stir through the basil and season with black pepper.

3 Drain the pasta, mix with the sauce in a large bowl, then divide between two bowls and add a handful of rocket to each.

GOOD TO KNOW vegan • healthy • 3 of 5-a-day •

fibre • gluten free

PER SERVING 538 kcals • fat 16g • saturates 3g •

carbs 64g • sugars 4g • fibre 8g • protein 30g •

salt 0.1g

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