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Is organic better?


Organic food presents numerous benefits. For example, if you have concerns about the environmen­t, then going organic may be the right choice for you. The farming methods associated with it can be helpful for improving soil health as well as encouragin­g wildlife and biodiversi­ty.

From a health perspectiv­e, convention­al produce may have higher levels of pesticides and antibiotic­s depending on farming practices. Some studies suggest that organic produce may supply more micronutri­ents such as vitamin C, magnesium and phosphorus, and organic meat and milk may contain as much as 50% more nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids.

However, organic food can be pricier and it’s still beneficial to consume non-organic fruit and veg rather than go without in order to achieve your five-a-day. For more, go to bbcgoodfoo­ howto/guide/is-organic-healthier.

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