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Making a difference BAKING WITHOUT LIMITS Our home has been taken over by baking equipment!

How one reader used specialist kit to make her stunning cakes


Another stand-out member of our Good Food Together group has been getting people into baking. Elizabeth Ashton, from Matlock in Derbyshire, has been reading Good Food magazine since she was 16. She taught herself to cook, and hosted themed dinner parties for friends by the time she was 18. Recently, she made a huge birthday cake of British rapper KSI for her daughter that went viral on Twitter, and regularly bakes impressive tiered cakes.

‘Our home has been taken over by all the equipment I need to produce my bakes,’ Elizabeth laughs. ‘I often use Good Food brownie recipes.

‘I have a congenital malformati­on of my hands and feet, which is hereditary and was born with one finger on each hand. At five years old, I had my largest abnormal toe removed and transplant­ed to my hand. I’ve had 19 operations, and had to learn to walk again as my balance was affected by only having one toe on each foot. I’m forever grateful to our NHS. I don’t have much feeling in my thumbs and can’t move them independen­tly, but they support me when I hold things. I struggle with intricate details when baking – it just takes me longer than a person who has all their fingers. I have some specialist kit, like jar- and can-openers, and my fiancé helps, too.’

Elizabeth has been sharing her creations in the group for over a year. ‘I’ve been overwhelme­d by supportive comments from the group and made a few friends, too.’

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