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Meet the new members of the La Española family...

The Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Made exclusivel­y using Spanish olives from Seville, La Española Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil sets a new luxury standard by ensuring the purest of flavours. It’s made with 100% single variety hojiblanca olives, each one hand-picked and pressed within 24 hours of being harvested. With superior flavour, colour, and aroma, this is the oil for those seeking ‘special’.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Every part of the process for crafting La Española Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified as 100% organic, free from pesticides and preservati­ves. In prioritisi­ng fresh ingredient­s throughout the whole journey, the oil’s intense natural characters are perfectly preserved.

In addition to these great new oils, La Española now also offers a spray format. Convenient and aerosol-free, the spray bottle has been designed with a versatile triple-action cap, securing the perfect performanc­e in three different pressure modes: spray, stream and drip.

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