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Get creative with your cheeseboar­d

Serve a special selection with tips from the experts at the Academy of Cheese

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Choose a board that suits the occasion: wood, ceramic, glass or slate are all good options. 2

Select cheeses from at least three families – blue, soft and hard cheeses, for example. 3

Serve 120g per person, if you’re offering just cheese and drinks. If the board is a starter, aim for 50g per person.


At ambient temperatur­e, prepare the hard cheese first – soft and blue cheeses should be prepared no more than 30 minutes before the start of the event. 5

Small round cheeses or wedges can be displayed alongside pre-cut triangular or rectangula­r slices. Fresh bread and crackers are ideal for serving with soft cheeses.


Select a food pairing for each cheese based on the contrast of flavours or origins of the cheese. Think: honey and blue cheese, goat’s milk cheese with olives or hard sheep’s milk cheese with berries. Trust your creativity!

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