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Gaviscon’s Guardium tablets offer long-lasting relief, so your heartburn shouldn’t get in the way of your plans


Autumn and winter are always packed full of festivitie­s. And whether you’re celebratin­g a special occasion or enjoying a cosy night in with friends and family, sharing delicious food is the perfect way to enhance these special moments. Of course, if you suffer from heartburn, indulging in the good times isn’t always easy. Fortunatel­y, that’s where Guardium tablets can help.

Guardium tablets are one of the latest products from Gaviscon, the UK’S number-one heartburn brand*. They tackle heartburn at its source, relieving symptoms such as bloating and the burning sensation you may feel in your chest, as well as helping remove the sour taste from your mouth. What’s more, you only need to take one Guardium tablet to benefit from 24-hour relief, so it’s never been easier to leave your discomfort behind and focus on enjoying the fun stuff in life.

How does it work?

Proton pumps push naturally occurring hydrogen ions into your stomach to create the gastric acid you need to digest food. But, when you produce too many hydrogen ions, it can result in a build-up of excess acid, which can cause heartburn. Proton pump inhibitors – such as Guardium tablets – temporaril­y reduce this process, thereby reducing the amount of acid in your stomach and offering you effective relief from heartburn.

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