Good Food



Polly Robinson, food and drinks start-up expert and business coach with the Government’s Help To Grow programme, shares her tips to get your idea going


Work out your

‘value propositio­n’

What do you oer customers, what problem does it solve or gap does it ill? What are yours and your product’s strengths?


Identify your target audience

Be speciic, because if you’re trying to reach everyone, you will reach no one. Create a dream customer, then igure out where they are and how to reach them.


Have a simple business plan

Think about the time and resources you need to build your business: a website, any equipment, a venue and who your competitor­s are.


Formulate a budget

How much will it cost to set up your business, make your product and break even? How much can you charge (check the competitio­n) and how will you fund it – savings, loans from family and friends, or grants?


Good branding is essential It helps customers remember your product, and they may then recommend it to a friend. It’s worth having good photograph­y or learning how to do it yourself.


When marketing, think about the beneits, not the features

Instead of stating your opening hours, tell your customers what you oer. For example, ‘delicious food and drinks, all day long’.


Identify where you’ll sell your products or services On your own website, independen­t retailers, local markets, food festivals? It’s di”icult to get your product on a supermarke­t shelf. Start o testing the market, proving your concept works and get your branding sorted before pitching.


Share your story

Tell people what drove you to start your business. Be real and authentic.


Tell the world

Social media is an amazing free resource to grow a community. Focus on the platform your target audience use, rather than spreading yourself thin.


Build a team

You’ll likely do everything yourself at irst, but if you want your business to grow, pay others to do the bits you’re not good at. Tap into your network who can help, share expertise or introduce you to people who can.

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