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Stein’s at Home luxury

1 barbecue box


Feeding six to eight, this meal box from Rick Stein comes with everything prepared. Start with fresh sea bass ceviche paired with pomegranat­e, shallot, tomato and chilli, followed by a spatchcock chicken with tarragon butter, and six individual ribeye steaks with Rick’s own pepper mix. There’s a cherry tomato and thyme salad, potato salad and Tarquin’s Cornish gin for a refreshing G&T, plus strawberry cheesecake­s to ƒinish.

Tongue In Peat peat-smoked

2 tomato juice £14.39 (three 500ml bottles), tongueinpe­ If you like a bloody mary with a hefty kick, try this salty, smoky mix made by cold-infusing fresh tomatoes over Scottish peat.

Merchant Gourmet Fiery

3 Jamaican-style grains & pulses £2 (250g), Morrisons Merchant Gourmet’s hearty mix of rice, pearl barley, bulgur wheat, quinoa and mixed beans is spiced with a Scotch bonnet paste and cooled down with coconut cream and lime. Blitz in the microwave, then pair with barbecued chicken or some charred veg.

Oppo Brothers 12 salted

4 caramel ice cream balls

£4 (186ml), Tesco

An ideal afternoon pick-me-up for a hot summer’s day, these salted caramel ice cream balls have a thin chocolate layer with a satisfying snap, giving way to smooth caramel ƒlavour with notes of co‰ee in the centre.

Babylonsto­ren Mourvèdre

5 Rosé 2022 £18.99, shop.thenewtins­ South Africa’s Babylonsto­ren is the sister estate to Somerset’s The Newt, much loved by gardeners and food lovers. The 2022 rosé is made in classic Provence style, with a taste reminiscen­t of berries, watermelon and pomegranat­e.

Wel Well & Truly Crunchies in


sea salt & cider vinegar

£2 (100g), Ocado

Twists of corn in a classic British seasoning deliver crunch and tang to rival traditiona­l potato crisps.

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