Ac­cess all ar­eas Melissa Pen­fold ac­cents so­fas, cof­fee ta­bles and bed­sides.

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ADDING A FEW great ac­ces­sories to a cof­fee ta­ble that with stacks of books, can­dles or a bronze. Pile or sofa are touches that make a room look like you’ve glossy hard­cov­ers or mag­a­zines in deep stacks to the done a lot more than you have – and sig­nal con­fi­dence, edges. They will fin­ish your ta­ble and reflect your style. glam­our and lux­ury, and are the first thing peo­ple no­tice. DON'T GO OVERBOARD No need to be a to­tal min­i­mal­ist AC­CES­SORIES Play with fash­ion and in­tro­duce but cu­rat­ing your bits will keep you from look­ing like personality. Work in fun pieces with a nod to the sea­son, a hoarder. Keep sur­faces clear and cu­rated. and have enough cush­ions, lamps and vases for va­ri­ety. CHOOS­ING AC­CES­SORIES TO MATCH SO­FAS AND COF­FEE They are the sun­glasses, hand­bags and heels of in­te­ri­ors. TA­BLES Keep ac­cent shades to a min­i­mum. One is more Ac­ces­sories have to work as a team with your house. dra­matic than two. Ev­ery new ac­cent you add mud­dles CRE­ATE SYM­ME­TRY Go for a pair of match­ing lamps on the ef­fect, from mag­a­zines to flow­ers, plants or can­dles. side ta­bles flank­ing a sofa for a pol­ished look. Re­peat GO GLAM­OROUS From bas­kets to bowls, we’re al­ways cush­ions, colour. Rep­e­ti­tion soothes and bal­ances. on the lookout for pieces that can freshen an old room CUSH­IONS Dis­til your sofa to two 60cm cush­ions for far less than a com­plete over­haul. A beau­ti­ful bust prop­erly made with eth­i­cal down fill­ing. Try a be­spoke or bronze can over­come any space. cush­ion in a luxe velvet or em­bossed silk in the mid­dle. MAKEOVER YOUR OT­TOMAN Pop a tray or low bas­ket THROWS A beau­ti­ful cash­mere or wool throw folded on on top to cre­ate the per­fect place to dis­play ev­ery­thing. the cen­tre of your sofa will add life, warmth and com­fort. OR­GAN­ISE A TABLE­TOP A wicker tray breaks up a cof­fee RULE OF THREE Al­ways work with un­even num­bers on ta­ble, and can also be used to serve food and drinks. sur­faces – think one, three or five. Start with a hor­i­zon­tal ADD PLANTS Green­ery is a quick way to soften table­tops, ob­ject – such as a book or tray – add some­thing tall and add fo­cal points and make a room look lived-in. ver­ti­cal such as a vase or can­dle­stick, then a low and FLOW­ERS Blooms in small flashes also have big im­pact. bulky item like a pa­per­weight or bowl. It’s fool­proof. Stick to one or two hues for max­i­mum ef­fect. The vase CHANGE UP YOUR COF­FEE TA­BLE Start with some­thing is vi­tal. Also, a vin­tage bas­ket filled with a bromeliad, large in the mid­dle, like a huge bas­ket filled with a plant, agave, cy­cla­men or or­chid is a time-hon­oured look that flower ar­range­ment or hur­ri­cane shade. Build out from graces the best houses ev­ery­where. Try it. 1 B&B Italia ‘SAKÉ’ sofa, from $14,785, and B&B Italia ‘Up2’ arm­chair, $1585, space­fur­ni­ 2. Kifu Paris cock­tail shaker, $695, beck­er­ 3 ‘Roche’ velvet cush­ion, $165/60x60cm, james­ 4. B&B Italia ‘Mirto’ din­ing ta­ble, $3980, and B&B Italia ‘Jens’ chairs, $3330, space­fur­ni­ 5. ‘Bul­lion Con­fec­tion’ side ta­ble, $5820, ki­fu­ 6. Naga roof piece, $270; Bud­dha head, $270; rice con­tainer, $95; Yorub beaded fig­ure, $840; Schu­macher ‘Os­mand’ fab­ric in Aegean on wall, ori­en­t­ 7 Liv­ing By De­sign ‘Con­crete’ din­ing ta­ble, $1499, and ‘Dana’ chairs, $149, liv­ing­by­de­ 8 Ikea ‘Al­malie’ throw, $40, 9 Ikea ‘Jofrid’ throw, $59,

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