Belle : 2020-11-23

Sydney Home : 142 : 142

Sydney Home

« The vestibule entry features an Italian marble floor, grounding the space and adding to the authentici­ty of the house and its experience. A new staircase was designed on the same side as the original one with black wrought-iron banisters. The interior changes over the ground floor were immense and the whole house was touched to make the most of the northern light and vistas. While Olivia loves the romanticis­m of old houses and all their voluminous attributes, the front entrance also needed a lot of work. “The original entrance was complicate­d. It was important to me to create a wonderful journey from the moment you arrive at the front gate. The most important part of that journey is the connection to nature and the ocean beyond. The entry was redesigned so you could look into the sitting room and out beyond towards the terrace and the view.” The original kitchen and dining room were dark and poky and not at all sympatheti­c to today’s living. Olivia decided to open up the living room wall and connect the newly enlarged kitchen to the living and dining area, incorporat­ing light and the magnificen­t panoramas. The nature of the space demanded a long dining table and an army of designer chairs for Olivia’s large family. Upstairs additional bedrooms and bathrooms and a study were fitted. » Sydney HOME 142