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Sydney Home

Sydney HOME « The rear garden was totally overgrown and swamped by bamboo. “My vision was to create a Mediterran­ean garden with walks and archways surrounded with olive trees and crepe myrtles flanked by a green vertical garden,” says Olivia. Unlike the parterre flat-levelled garden at the front of the house, the rear garden is an intimate walk through cool and lush greenery. The interiors on the ground floor chime with a worldly, welltravel­led air. Olivia has used her collection of artworks as a colour guide throughout. “I feel colour is so important when putting pieces of art together,” she says. “The important element of design for me is not only to create a sense of place, both architectu­rally and within nature, but also to be sympatheti­c to the way people live and, naturally, that includes my own family. The visceral element, the sense of happiness in a space, is really the key to success. I have been extremely grateful to witness that playing out for my own family. They are never happier than when they are at home.” Olivia is excited about her latest venture, Studio S.O., an integrated architectu­re and interior design practice she has founded with business partner and architect Sarah Foletta. Their ethos is to craft timeless and meaningful spaces that create an emotional response. “Sarah and I have diverse skills, talents and experience­s and our varied body of work, from modern brutalism and Spanish mission to Ibizan finca, reflects this,” says Olivia. “We are working on a number of beautiful projects at the moment. We’re excited for what the future holds.”; redempirec­onstructio­ # 144