Belle : 2020-11-23

France Home : 169 : 169

France Home

« house’s main volume. Inspired by classical Breton constructi­ons in granite, but also by the elegant seaside resorts of La Baule with their large window openings and rich interior decorative elements, the architect designed a hybrid style of the two influences. An ever-changing variety of daily oceanic spectacles is gifted to the inhabitant­s: a surfer dancing on a perfectly formed wave, a cruise liner gliding across the ocean, historic tall ships unfurling their sails, each with its own elegance. Here the sea is multifacet­ed; simple, sporty and active, chic, industrial and luxurious. From Géorama’s point of view it’s all visible. Yves is a collector and lover of fine craftsmans­hip so each room has been customised with great attention to finishings and details. The grand staircase firmly anchors the house in its original tradition, while the kitchen skews towards the English style and the bathrooms with subtle mosaics borrow from the Italian tradition and style. At its heart the house’s triple reception room offers an unimpeded crossing from the front of the house to the sea yielding views to both land and water, green parklands and endless blue. Now basking in a refined combinatio­n of restored tradition and the collection of fine design and contempora­ry and decorative art gathered on the couple’s adventures, Géorama continues to live up to its namesake. In the consummate French style of art de vivre, with luxury that carefully avoids ostentatio­n, this house offers the optimum conditions for many moments of pause and contemplat­ion. # 169