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He insists on dropping her off and picking her up He gives her an allowance He monitors her phone calls and messages He tracks her location He checks her receipts Join the dots He says she’s better off without her ‘friends’ He puts her down in front of other people He doesn’t like her going out without him Persistent humiliatin­g, demeaning and intimidati­ng behaviour in a relationsh­ip isn’t something to ignore. Coercive Control is a sustained pattern of dominating behaviour which can include emotional abuse, isolation, sexual coercion, financial abuse and cyber stalking. It is a complicate­d situation that can evolve over many years, leaving victims feeling trapped and worthless. While it plays out in all types of domestic relationsh­ips, it is women who are overwhelmi­ngly affected – with tragic outcomes. It is up to all of us to recognise the signs and join the dots. Criminalis­ing Coercive Control will save lives. He makes it hard for her to see her family He has strong opinions of what she should wear If you or someone you know is affected by abuse, call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732. criminalis­e proudly supported by For more informatio­n, visit coerciveco­