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Hay, look, the yoga master hath returned

- By Simon Ruppert

MindBodySp­ace Benalla welcomed world-renowned ParaYoga and meditation instructor Brad Hay to town to run a class last week.

Brad, who grew up in Benalla, left the Rose City in 1989, aged just 15, to explore the world.

The next 10 years had its highs and lows for Brad, who was invited into the yoga tradition in his mid-20s while recovering from addiction.

He embraced that journey, searching for meaningful methods of creating peace and stability within.

With his general approach to life being all or nothing, he delved into his yogic studies and experience­d first-hand its transforma­tional power.

He began teaching hatha yoga in 1999 and in 2003 completed yoga arts, nine months of full-time training in Byron Bay, with some of the country’s leading teachers — which would ultimately lead him to ParaYoga,

ParaYoga aims to provide students and teachers of all levels the opportunit­y to experience and study yoga through an accessible and in-depth approach.

It develops practition­ers and teachers who are able to lead others into yoga as it was originally envisioned — as a comprehens­ive, life-affirming, spiritual tradition.


Benalla yoga teacher Kim Lukey said Brad was one of only six authorised ParaYoga teachers in the world.

“Brad is renowned for his laid-back, down-to-earth attitude as he manages to make yoga’s ancient, powerful and mystical traditions feel light, accessible and easy to understand in this modern lifestyle,” Kim said.

“Last weekend Brad returned to Benalla for the first time since he left in 1989, a gap of 32 years.

“He returned with his wife and daughter to show them his birth town whilst taking a trip down memory lane.

“During his visit, Brad offered to do a three-hour workshop at MindBodySp­ace Benalla

yoga centre on Saturday, April 17.

“The workshop offered an inspiratio­nal introducti­on to the ancient yogic arts, a vast field of knowledge, wisdom and powerful practices to help guide us toward living our most purposeful and enriching life.”

Once Kim had set up and advertised the session it sold out in less than 24 hours.

“It was enjoyed by Benalla and the wider community,” she said.

To find out more about Brad and his trainings, visit

For more informatio­n about Benalla’s yoga studio, visit www.mindbodysp­

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Brad Hay

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